How to talk about what you do as a coach

One of the hardest things as an emerging coach is working out how to talk about what you do as a coach – in a way that attracts the right clients but doesn’t sound cheesy, pushy of salesy.

Dating Empowerment coach Chinh Pham and I have both been around the coaching block!  We’ve been in one another orbits in various programs, tele-summits and groups for a couple of years (which is practically forever because online years are like dog years! one year online = 7 years in ‘traditional’ business it seems/feels like!)

So it was really fun to sit down with her and discuss this thorny issues, along with Chinh’s wisdom about what it really takes to run a successful coaching business.

Here are some of the show’s highlights:

  • The real truth about starting a coaching business
  • Why business without self-care = burnout.
  • Some of Chinh’s biggest mistakes as a business owner, and how to avoid them
  • How experiencing personal failure propelled Chinh’s business forward
  • Why you already have all the skills to succeed as a coach and business owner
  • How to talk about what you do as a coach – an

Show Notes:

Chinh’s Webinar is on September 3rd. You can sign up at www.SexySinglesRevolution.com
Book: The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest handles: @coachchinh

As I mention in this episode –we want your feedback – what do YOU think? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Listen in here:


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