How to REALLY use Facebook to Grow Your Coaching Business

Facebook groups are all the rage – and every coach and their missus seems to be throwing around advice on how you should be using them to get clients and grow your tribe. But it’s important to get the right advice – and today I talk to someone who can tell you how to REALLY use Facebook to grow your coaching business.  Jordana Jaffe is the go to expert in this area – she built a thriving Facebook community of over 1400 women entrepreneurs in under 4 months and as of January 2016, it has over 6000  members! Not only that, she’s an introvert homebody and helps others leverage Facebook to build their business.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why this is a relatively recent phenomenon and why Facebook groups are the place to be.
  • How Jordana developed her brand and grew her group so quickly
  • How you can create a set of rules that set out your stall and create a fun and inclusive atmosphere for all
  • How to avoid having a group that filled with self promoters and SPAM
  • Things to think about before starting your own group (and remember that you DON’T have to – Facebook groups are not for everyone).
  • How to have an engaged community and what to do if all you’re hearing is crickets.

But wait – what if you’ve NO INTEREST in having your own Facebook Group?

Jordana’s got you covered.

We also dig into:

  • How you can build connections and gain actual paying clients from being in other people’s Facebook Groups.
  • Why offering a lot more free stuff than paid is the way to go when building those connections (and where to draw the line around how much to give away).
  • What NOT to do in Facebook Groups – or, to put it another way, how to avoid being the person who gets banned, badmouthed or eye rolled when you’re in there.

We don’t just talk about Facebook Groups either – we also discuss one of my favorite subjects which is the reality of running an online business versus the image that’s projected by some people out there. And Jordana is totally lovely – she’s got a lot of wise, reassuring words for those of you who’ve not hit the six figure a year level about how long it REALLY takes – and what she believes is the really secret to success.

Links Mentioned In The Show

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Jordana’s Community Love fest program

Listen to the podcast here:


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