Eli Trier
A friend asked a question the other day about how often people send out an email newsletter and I immediately felt a wave of exhaustion because I have just finished emailing a portion of my community every day for the past 30 days. Don’t worry I haven’t lost my mind all turned into one of those CBD gummy sellers (is it just me I seem to be getting two or three of those emails a day? #CBDIsTheNewCialis?)

This whole concern about how often to email is closely aligned to the concern of how often should I publicise my services? how often should I talk about my offerings? how often should I be posting on social media? Etc. etc

At the root of a lot of these concerns are fears like:

  • ‘Oh God what will people think of me?’
  • Will I become one of those obnoxious, in your face marketing people?’
  • ‘Will I become an attention starved narcissist who just talks about themselves and basically is saying ‘BUY MY THING!!! 24 seven?

Who would want to be one of those right?

So we don’t do anything or we do the bare minimum. We try and be subtle and discreet – we put out a post once or twice on facebook, send an email, maybe two. And it doesn’t take off, doesn’t bring in the clients we feel despondent and begin to doubt ourselves and whether this will ever work.

And here is the uncomfortable truth:

You have to market yourself and your services way more you feel comfortable doing so at first.

You can work on your confidence, bolster your belief in your services, chant mantras every day – and it will still feel like your face is everywhere. You’ll worry you’re being obnoxious and that people will be sick of you.

They won’t be. In fact, you’ll be amazed at just how often people have to see your posts and receive your emails before they take notice.

But you’ll likely feel like you are being super annoying and taking up WAY too much space.

And that sucks but is also okay – in fact it’s understandable.

We are hardwired for survival – and for most women in particular, survival for the longest time of human existence meant being invisible, not taking up space, not being opinionated, or display any agency of our own. Punishment for transgressions was severe, think Scold’s bridles, witch trials, expulsion from the tribe, and in the modern world, trolls.

We can’t pretend that these things aren’t in our cultural and perhaps a literal DNA.

If you’re an introvert, HSP, or in any other way energetically sensitive visibility has an extra layer of taxation on you.

All of which is to say stop beating yourself up about struggling with visibility. It’s an unhelpful practice

Instead, let’s look at ways you can support yourself to do the necessary visibility that is a natural part of marketing A service based business.

Here are some ideas for how to market consistently. (Please note: none of these are definitive, this is not a step-by-step – think of this more like a menu of options or ideas to try.)

Ask for help

No I don’t necessarily mean hire some help although this is an option for you it’s worth considering. What I mean is businesses are built by communities, with communities, and in communities – even the solo businesses. ask for help. Building a business takes a village so if you’re not part of the community yet – find one, cultivate and nurture it – and above all, use it.

And if you’re looking for a community to find those folks, there’s a great one in the Meaningful Biz Academy.

Schedule marketing in advance

Blocking out time and batch producing marketing content which I then scheduling in advance has saved my ass on more times than I care to remember. Pre scheduling using a tool to like HootSuite or SmarterQueue allows you to show up consistently even when energetically you’re flat on the floor (although please don’t let it get to the point when your flat on the floor – rest before hitting a point)

Schedule rest breaks

Honestly it should be a rule that no one is allowed to become an entrepreneur unless they swear an oath that they will do this. I have seen way too many business owners hit the wall with exhaustion and overwork because we are told by hustle culture that we need to be on on on at all times. Building in rest breaks throughout your week is essential especially if you work from home, and is extra important when it comes to energy intensive tasks like visibilityMarketing doesn’t need to be super draining, shouty or obnoxious. And the very fact that you are you means it WON’T be. Take your rightful seat at the table and tell the folks who need your help how they can find you. In other words, show up and be seen. We need you.

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