How To Keep Calmish & Carry On

How to Keep Calmish and Carry On. (Even When Your Life’s Gone Batsh*t Crazy)

Life isn’t neat, static or predictable and combining one with running a business can be challenging. Even when things are relatively stable, running a coaching business (or any business for that matter) has its trials, but running a business when life isn’t smooth sailing can feel unbelievably hard.

We can’t take ourselves out of the context in which we live. None of us live in a bubble.

This week I’m sharing with you some tips for staying calm and carrying on – even when the world feels like it’s gone batshit crazy, your personal life is going to hell or things are just busy and complex as life sometimes is.

I’m going to share my own experience, what works for me, what my go – to strategies are for staying focused and what you can do for yourself today to take some of the pressure off and keep going – all without losing your sanity!

I’m sharing why it’s important to:

  • Give yourself periods (even moments) or respite during the day
  • Get out of the house at least once
  • Connect with people – yes, even though you’re busy (in fact, especially when you’re busy)
  • Be mindful of your body – change your location, physicality and state
how to keep calmish and carry on (even when it feels like the world's gone batsh*t crazy)

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