A lot of us have a book inside of us – but the thought of actually writing one can seem utterly overwhelming.

All of that writing – months slogging away in some lonely room. Then finding a publisher, marketing, sales – most of us give up at the first idea of writing one.

Yet writing a book is an awesome way to establish yourself as an authority and get your thoughts and philosophy out into the world – not to mention reach more people you can help.

Thankfully getting that book out of your head and onto Amazon  is a LOT easier than you think – and luckily for us, Holly is an expert in self publishing.

So in today’s episode Holly lays out just how easy it can be – with step by step instructions on just how to get that book out of your head and onto Amazon with the minimum of fuss, effort and pain.

How To Get Your Book Out Of Your Head & Onto Amazon

What we discuss in this episode

  • All the steps in the process of getting a book out of your head and onto Amazon: step by step
  • How to write a book even if you can’t bear the thought of sitting at your computer for long enough to get it done
  • Dos and Don’ts of book cover design, including tips that can make or break your book
  • How to print a paperback without ending up with a garage full of books
  • What order you need to do everything in, and which steps overlap in the process

People & Things We Discussed:



how to get that book out of your head and onto amazon

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