It Needs You to Take Up Space, Get Seen, and Be Heard

Being a ‘good’ woman requires the exact opposite…

And therein lies the tension

I’m Jo Casey

I work with women coaches & entrepreneurs who are ready to resolve this tension…and rise. That means more clients, more income and more nourishment.

Here’s what I know

In order to succeed in business, we actually have to violate every single message that’s been poured into us about what it means to be a ‘good’ woman.

This is our Feminine Conditioning.

It creates resistance – even for the most  confident among us. It can make us dim our light, muffle our voice, hedge our bets and tone down our message. Feminine conditioning creates subtle (and not so subtle) blocks that show up in self-silencing, self-doubting and playing smaller than we are.
But here’s a secret: You can leverage a lot of that feminine conditioning to be a really successful business owner & leader as well. So let’s do that.

What we do here

I help women build businesses that are sustainable, meaningful and a create a deep and positive impact on our world.
We tackle this feminine conditioning head on. We don’t  just push it aside and try to build your business without this context.

Therefore business growth is self-growth.

Here we do both.
We integrate business strategy, marketing, and aligned sales with self-development, growth, and personal actualization.





You are

Damn good at what you do.

You are a leader, a trailblazer, a deep thinker, and a world shaker-upper.

So let’s build a business that encompasses ALL of that.

You need to let your brilliance shine out like a motherfucking supernova. 

We live in a culture where women are conditioned to be a certain way – nice, small, compliant, thin, private, agreeable, non-controversial and certainly not the most brilliant one in the room. To build a service based business you need to be visible, have an opinion, stand in your expertise, and own your capabilities.

Our culture doesn’t make it easy

The thing is, it’s not that you’ve created a business that sells widgets. Your business is YOU. This is YOUR work in the world. People are engaging one on one and in groups with YOU. There isn’t any other way to make a separation.

Our businesses are ourselves

And so because of that, business development IS self-development.

The Reality

When you’re developing your business you’re going to have to develop yourself. When you’re growing your business you’re going to have to take on the self-growth work.

Your business will only grow as fast as you do.

There’s nothing I’ve ever done (other than parenting) that’s brought up my own ‘stuff’ more than building my own business. It’s not for the faint hearted (but it’s absolutely worth it)

Why this is different

My work has a container built into it, unlike other business coaching programs that just expect you to soldier through.
We do strategy to build your business AND the personal growth work that allows you to stand tall as a woman entrepreneur within a culture that wants you to stay small.

Reviews & Endorsements

Lara Heacock Kind Over Matter “Jo’s combination of straight forward business knowledge and loving support has helped me show up in my business in a big way. From managing the business side of Kind Over Matter to having sales conversations with prospective clients to creating eCourses, Jo has been a trusted adviser each step of the way.  Jo is definitely not your usual business coach – but in a good way!  
Lara Heacock. Life Coach

Kind Over Matter

Reviews & Endorsements

“Jo is a fantastic coach to work with because she is a perfect blend of a loving life coach and a fierce business coach. 
Talking to Jo feels like talking to a really smart, kind and experienced friend who lets you talk about your feelings all you want and gives you the best advice and guidance for your business.”
Kimberly Weiss, Coach, Fuel The Happy

Reviews & Endorsements


“Just implementing one strategy from Jo resulted in signing two new clients in one week – people I thought were previously out of my league. She’s allowed me to see a way to scale my business in ways I could not have seen before.  I was able to create a solid plan for taking steps far beyond where I’d been before thanks to Jo’s guidance.”
Heidi Taylor, Holistic Sales Coach, Heidi Taylor

Reviews & Endorsements

“Jo Casey is the Shiz-Bomb, in case anyone else wanted to know 😉 Super Smart!”
Kate Swoboda (aka, “Kate Courageous”), Your Courageous Life

Reviews & Endorsements

“I’ve just done my accounts for the month and this month alone I earned 15x what I earned the month we started working togethted!”
Eli Trier, Eli Trier Communities