Helen Tremethick
Helen Tremethick is on the podcast this week talking about how you can add courage to your copy.

Copy writing and finding the right words to describe what you do and engage your audience something that causes a lot of heart centred folks palpitations and cold sweats.

My guest today is here to help with all of that.

About Helen Tremethick

You know those spots on the radio where the DJ comes on and says something along the lines of “I’m here at Stereos & Boomboxes where they are having a blow out sale on everything today! Come on down and groove with us. We’ll be here all day”? Helen Tremethick used to be the face behind those words.

These days, Helen is a sought-after brand voice strategist, coach, and copywriter whose values-driven approach to communications is rooted in clarity, simplicity, and relationship with the audience. She helps scaling entrepreneurs and small businesses move their businesses into the next sphere of their work with just the right amount of love and badassery whether they’re selling their services online or boomboxes at a pop-up shop. Helen is the CEO of The Communications Distillery, a boutique branding studio located in an old farmhouse in the middle of the Ontario countryside.

Links mentioned in this episode: 

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Helen’s coaching program Copy Courage starts on September 16th – check out the details here

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