Hate Marketing? I Can Show You How To Love It
Do you hate marketing? I used to too. And we’re not alone in this. The thing is, to have a business, we need to market – good news? You can also learn to not just tolerate marketing but positively love it

There’s just no getting around it – if you want to have a business doing what you love, you’re going to have to market it. Actually, if you’re going to have ANY business, you need to market it.

But having a service-based business isn’t the same as a product based one. if you’re selling products you’re marketing the products. But if you are your service then you’re marketing…you. And that brings with it a truckload of baggage. 

People will think I’m pushy

People will find me obnoxious

I don’t want to be one of ‘those’ guys (think shiny suit or rain mac with fake Rolex watches hanging on the inside)

Or shouting through a megaphone. Or just stopping everyone you meet trying to ‘sell’ to them. You stop becoming a human. You can’t have friends anymore because everyone you see if a potential client.

Marketing carries a helluva lot of unhelpful baggage for many folks. yep, marketing feels bad and makes us want to run a mile from it. 

But what if it wasn’t? What if you could flip the switch and do marketing in a way that feels good and congruent? What if I could show you how to LOVE marketing? 


In this episode, I share my own journey with marketing but provide solid techniques and reframes to help you embrace, adore and positively get giddy over the thing that dare not speak its name…marketing. 

If you’d like some more about the practical ways you can market in an ethical and meaningful way, check out 31 Meaningful Marketing Actions pt 1 and 31 Meaningful Marketing Actions pt 2.  

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