Breaking the good girl rules with Liz Applegate
My subject of fascination is feminine conditioning (which you can listen to previous podcast episodes where I’ve talked in more depth about it here and here)  – which is another way of describing what my guest on this week’s podcast calls ‘The Good Girl’ rules. Coach Liz Applegate spent a lot of her life following these good girl rules – until she realized they were not only keeping her living a life she no longer wanted but were limiting so many other women from truly being happy.

The thing with the good girl rules is that they’re not neatly written down somewhere – there’s no book you can take out of the library to discover how to win by following them. In fact, the game is totally rigged – there is no way of winning. AND we each have our own unique variation of these rules depending on our upbringing, family of origin, culture  – and we each have our own slightly bespoke version of these rules.

“The good girl rules that we were taught when we were growing up things like children should be seen and not heard, that started in the 1500’s and was directly related to girls by the way.” Liz Applegate

What we talk about

Our conversation is deep and luscious and filled with laughter and at least two incidents of tears – the good sort (yes, even this slightly uptight British person cried – but that’s just the effect Liz Applegate has on folks!) We talk:

  • Parenting
  • Menopause
  • Patriarchy
  • The challenge of living in an older body in a culture that values youth and ‘prettiness’
  • Starting a business in later life
  • Following your passion
  • How you can rekindle your zest and drive – even (maybe especially) in later life
  • Breaking Taboo’s of being a woman of a certain age
  • and a fair bit more.

“There are cultures where women who have been through menopause are revered for their wisdom and their knowledge and their centeredness and their ‘don’t fuck with me’ attitude. They are the elders of the tribe that are looked upon.. But we are not that way, WE become invisible.” Liz Applegate

More About Liz Applegate

Liz Applegate is a confidence coach and podcaster who helps women rewrite the next chapter in their lives. Liz’s first-hand experience of transitioning through her 40’s included peri-menopause, divorce, remarriage with blending families, children who were flying the nest, an emergency hysterectomy and several career changes. Seeing a lack of resources or positive vibrant voices were the catalyst for Liz wanting to help other women experiencing the same changes.
Liz is on a mission to redefine how women and society see themselves as they age. As the cornerstone of her work, Liz helps her clients identify and break the good girl rules that they learned growing up and the ones that are keeping them playing small in their careers, relationships, and life. She shows them how to work with the voices of self-doubt and turn their “maybe someday” dreams into a reality of today.
Liz is a certified life coach through the Courageous Living Coach Certification (CLCC). She serves as part of the leadership team with CLCC for the past three years, helping to train the coach trainees through a weekend retreat and weekly support for the 9-month training program. You can find Liz at ElizabethApplegate.com, on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter at @LizApplegate and her podcast, Midlife Schmidlife, on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and I Heart Radio.
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Liz Applegate
Liz Applegate
Liz Applegate

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