It's Time To Do Business Differently

The Meaningful Business Garden Party

A free 4 -hour conference/retreat/shindig to help coaches, healers and holistic folk move out of overwhelm and into building businesses that are sustainable financially, emotionally, and energetically.

Even though the event is over you can catch the replay of many of the sessions here

Business Is Broken - And It's Breaking Us

We’re frazzled – overworked, overstretched and totally over the way things have been done so far.

It’s time for a new paradigm when it comes to creating a service based business.

In a world that tells us to hustle hustle hustle, we’re in danger of exhausting ourselves in pursuit of our dreams.

As coaches, healers, and holistic folks, we’re used to caring for others AND we also know how essential it is to care for ourselves in the process.

Except… This online business culture promotes long hours and burning the candle at both ends to achieve our goals.  And while it is fine now and again, it’s not sustainable in the long term. 

We have so many things on our ‘to do’ lists – and it can be hard to know what is essential and what is just keeping us on the busy hamster wheel. 

Not only is it physically exhausting, it can test us to our emotional limits too. Comparisonitis, finding and owning our voice and our message, keeping going even on those days when we feel inadequate and diminished can mean business feels like an emotional roller coaster. 

Introducing The Meaningful Business Garden Party

A free 4 hour conference to help you build a more sustainable business – financially, energetically and emotionally. 

Even though the event is over you can catch the replay of many of the sessions here

Goodies To Take Away

Think a custom aromatherapy blend, delicious food recipes, a playlist, worksheets, templates, a guided meditation…and a few surprises.

Workshops, Talks & Deep Conversation

We’ll explore how you can balance your business desires and the realities – save you time, conserve your energy, and untie those emotional ropes that keep you tethered to the ground (when you deserve to be flying). .

Special Guests

There will be guest sessions from experts like Tanya Geisler, Lara Heacock, Tracie Nichols, and a fair few more. These women will share their very best wisdom and experience because they are integrity personified and that’s nothing less than you deserve.

TimeSession Title
4pm11am8amWelcome – introduction and overview of the event
4.0511.058.05Rooting Into Our  Body Wisdom – Body centering practice With Coach and Quoya teacher Kara Keserauskis
4.1511.158.15 Setting Our Intentions

Building a sustainable business – what do we mean? – Guidance for what sustainable would look, feel and sound like for you?

4.3011.308.30First Guest Session – The Lies of the Imposter Complex With Tanya Geisler
5.0012pm9amFinancially sustainable – asking for abundance. Why money f*cks with your head – and how we can overcome that. With Jo Casey
5.3012.309.30 Second Guest Session

Making leadership a sacred, soul-sustaining, practice. Redefining leadership using our body-wisdom, empathy, and compassion. With Tracie Nichols

6.151.1510.15Emotional Sustainability – A guided meditation from Jo Casey
7.002.0011am3rd Guest sessions – a choice of:
How to reduce stress with systems and templates with Lara Heacock
Finding a way in: lifestyle medicine for busy humans and seasons of entrepreneurial self-care With Jenny Mahan
7.302.3011.30 Energetically Sustainable – what tools and resources can save you a ton of time and energy?
– Social media scheduling
– Contracts and agreement templates
– Email templates
– Repurposing content
– Graphic templates
7.502.5011.50Wrap up, close, moving forwards with intention


We’ll laugh, drink our custom cocktail (virgin or not – your choice), share stories and wisdom  – AND plot our course to a new business paradigm.

One that sustains us mind, body, and soul.

One that allows us to serve, heal and change the cultural conversation – without sacrificing our health and sanity.

Together we can be the change we want for our clients and ourselves. We can earn money, serve more clients AND honor ourselves and our needs.

It’s beautiful and rather radical. Kinda like you.

Want to join us on Saturday 19th May? (We will be recording sessions on the day so don’t worry if you can’t make it live or can only make part of the date – just RSVP and we’ll send you links to the recordings.)


About Your Host

I’m Jo Casey and I’m is a podcaster, speaker, trainer, and certified coach.  I’m not your usual perky coach type – I’m slightly nerdy and allergic to the marketing bullsh*t in the online industry. 

I believe that we need a new way of doing business – one that allows us to create companies that are sustainable financially, emotionally and energetically.

I specialize in helping service-based business owners do the self-development work needed to thrive in the online world, get more clients and build meaningful businesses – all without resorting to the dark arts or sleazy marketing tactics.

I’m founder of jocasey.com and The Meaningful Business Academy, creator and presenter of The Meaningful Business Podcast, speaker, and writer for Coaching Blueprint, Mind Body Green and Tiny Buddha (among others).

I have a Masters Degree in Coaching and Organizational Development,  I’m an NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, MBTI qualified professional certified Emotional Intelligence EQi 2.0 consultant. (like I said, nerd.)

How do I attend?

Just register via the box below and you’ll be sent all of the details of how to login.

I can't make all of the sessions - can I just show up for one or two?
Yes, you can drop in and out of the event – all we ask is that if you attend one of the sessions you show up and be present, ideally staying to the end of that particular session.

Almost all sessions will be recorded (the break out sessions won’t be as we don’t have the technology to do that) so you can always catch up on any you’ve missed at a time that’s more suitable for you. 

Registered using the form below to make sure you get sent the details of how to access the event and how to access the recordings afterward. 

Will I be able to ask questions during the sessions?
It depends on the session and the host of that session but in most cases, yes you will. 

The online world is new. It’s allowing so many of us who’d previously been excluded from entrepreneurship to build businesses with meaning and heart. And we don’t have to follow the existing model. We can create our own. We can build businesses that are truly sustainable – financially, emotionally and energetically.

And it’s going to be rad!