Meaningful Business Garden Party Replay

Couldn’t make the party in person? No worries – here are the replays.

The Meaningful Business Garden Party Replay

The MBA Garden Party took play on the 19th May 2018 – but don’t worry if you missed it – you can catch replays of many of the sessions here.

What was the Meaningful Business Garden Party you ask?

The MBA Garden Party was a free one-day conference/retreat/shindig to explore how we can build businesses that are sustainable financially, emotionally, and energetically.

There were special guests including Tanya Geisler, Tracie Nichols, Lara Heacock, Kara Keserauskis, and Jenny Mahan.



Part 1 – Welcome To The Event.

We started off the day with a Body Centering Qoya practice* from Kara Kerserauskis and then Jo Casey introduced the event.

In this section, Jo welcomes you to the Garden Party and explains the why and intention of the day.


* This section, unfortunately, wasn’t recorded.

Part 2 The Lies Of The Imposter Complex With Tanya Geisler

Tanya shares her immense expertise on the Imposter Complex – and the lies it tells us.

In this warm, funny and interactive session, Tanya shares her wisdom and her heart with the group and points us in the direction of how we can start to heal our imposter complex and allow our brilliance to shine.

Part 3 – Financial Sustainability

Jo discusses why as service-based business owners it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of not charging enough for our work because of the love and care we put into it. There’s a belief that money somehow ‘sullies’ our intentions. We can also struggle with contextualizing the value our work provides – especially as it can feel vague compared to a product based business.

In this session, Jo breaks some of this down and provides a reframe for our ‘value’. Watch as she does some live coaching with a participant and makes the case charging rates we can thrive on (rather than barely survive), and how we can give back to those who can’t afford our services without discounting our prices.


Part 4 – Making leadership a sacred, soul-sustaining, practice. Redefining leadership using our body-wisdom, empathy, and compassion.

Holistic Coach Tracie Nichols leads a session exploring how we can redefine leadership based on the principles inspired by nature, and how we’re witnessing the death of hierarchical leadership. 

Part 5 –

Developing Emotional sustainability.

A Guided Meditation from Jo Casey on how to lean into feeling safe when being visible.

It's Safe To Be Visible In Your Business -Guided Meditation

by Jo Casey

Part 6 – Energetic Sustainability

Which tools and resources can save you a ton of time and energy?
– Social media scheduling
– Contracts and agreement templates
– Email templates
– Repurposing content
– Graphic templates

Where to find them and how to make the best of them.  

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