Welcome To

Coaching Mojo Part 3 – The Conversation 

Welcome To Coaching Mojo Part 3 – The Conversation

The Premise

This training is going to show you an authentic, heartfelt way to grow your coaching business. It doesn’t involve gimmicks or slick tactics but instead focuses on what you already know and love – coaching. Many people will tell you that you shouldn’t give away your coaching for free – but I disagree. Especially in the beginning of your business, free sessions can be the most powerful way to boost your confidence, visibility, and ultimately, client roster.

Why I Love Free Sessions So Much - My Experience
In 2014 I decided to pivot my business away from resilience coaching to working working with new and emerging coaches. Instead of pivoting cold, I decided to test out the feasibility first. I thought I knew what emerging coaches wanted but I didn’t know if I could give it to them, or whether I’d enjoy it, or be any good at it. So I embarked on a month of free sessions. My aim was to do 30 over 30 days – but in the end I booked 37 of them in 36 hours. The experience was far and away the best thing I ever did for my business. I discovered I loved working with coaches, was pretty darn good at it, adored strategy and helping them to see the big picture for their business and plan a workable route to get them there. By the end of the 30 days I had

  • A bunch of glowing testimonials
  • People referring me to their friends
  • A massive boost to my confidence
  • Intimate knowledge of the struggles and challenges emerging coaches face (Turns out it wasn’t what I was assuming it would be)
  • The ability to serve my people like a mother – because I now knew what they wanted I could craft packages, services, blog posts, podcast episodes and courses with them in mind. It removed the guesswork completely.

Having a system to your free sessions is important and since conducting my own experiment I’ve refined and improved it – and now recommend it to all my clients who are struggling with confidence, visibility or wondering who the hell they should be working with.

This Is How We Do This…..

The course is divided into 3 modules.

Part One - Preparation

Here we’re going to lay the groundwork – you’ll make some decisions about which group of people you want to target, explore where you can find them and start sketching out some messages to attract them.

Part Two - Implementation

Here we’re going to get you into action – looking at logistics, how to set up the sessions and how to maximize their impact for you and your clients.


Part Three (This Module) - The Conversation

Here we’re going to explore how you can gather the right sort of testimonials and feedback to use in your marketing and messaging and how you can experiment with simple sales conversations (that won’t make you want to lose your lunch) and convert some of those free sessions into paying clients.


You’ll have ongoing support throughout the challenge (and beyond) Over at The Coaches Collective Facebook Group.

Once last thing…

Don’t feel you have to complete the course in one week – this about how you can realistically stretch yourself – but without getting so overwhelmed you give up mid way through.

Are You Ready To Dive It?   Marvellous

Click on one of the buttons above to download the worksheet.

Questions? Remember You’re NOT alone in this.

Come over to The Coaches Collective Facebook Group and ask for whatever you need.

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