Great coaching is like alchemy – the right two elements need to be in place.

I know as coaches we want to focus all our attention on the client – on who we  can serve. But my experience and belief is that great coaching is like alchemy – when you get the right 2 elements together, something magical happens. The conversation creates something greater than the two people involved.

But in order to create those conversations, we need to know what those 2 elements are.

Yes, one element is the client:

A client who is ready. Who is up for the work.  Who is a good fit for you. Who needs what you are offering. Who is ready to invest the time and money into themselves.

The second element is you.

So much of the business and marketing advice out there focuses solely on the client and I think we’re missing a trick here by not spending time focusing on really exploring who you are, what you bring to the coaching relationship and to that elusive chemical reaction.

You Are The Essential Ingredient

Two of the things that new coaches too often do (and I did it myself initially so I say this with zero judgement) is

1. Try and emulate the other coaches out there (especially our hero’s/heroines) and

2. Try and reinvent ourselves as ‘coach’ and forget about all of the things that came before. Like we are reborn as brand new coaches without the opinions, skills and life experiences that brought us to the point in the first place.   But that’s such a waste! A waste of all of the gifts, talents and events that have shaped you and provided you with the valuable lessons you can share with your clients.

These are things that make you different from other coaches. Sometimes the individual differences will be subtle – but in combination they make you utterly unique.

Stop Worrying About The Competition

It’s common to worry about what other people are doing. I’m not as good as…(Danielle LaPorte, Gabrielle Bernstein, insert your own here) But you know what – they would be a lousy version of you!

Your only job is to discover and convey who you are – and by being able to communicate you’re uniqueness, you will be able to attract the right clients for you.

Let’s Take An Example.

Dotty is a life coach who trained at the ‘your best life coach’ coaching school.

Molly is also a life coach and she also trained at the ‘your best life coach’ coaching school.

Dotty’s background is working for non profits. She loves animals, being organized and has a real passion for helping other people start thinking strategically. Through her coaching practice (and allowing herself time to learn and discover who she does her best work with) she’s discovered that she is great at helping other women turn their big visions into practical action. She has a soft spot for the underdog and brings a ton of fierce love and compassion to her sessions.

Molly’s background is stay at home mom. She loved being at home with her kids and now that they’re a bit older she want to help other women balance their family and career in a way that suits them. She has a deep empathy and understanding of the myriad of ways women put themselves under pressure. She wants to help them to see the possibilities in themselves. create communities of support and offer space and guidance for women to find their own unique solutions based on their own circumstances.

Two life coaches with the same training. they are both passionate and skilled – but both are tapping into their own stories and passions to create businesses that help different people.

What’s your story?  What are the skills, the experiences, the knowledge, the opinions, the wisdom, the expertise, the values, the beliefs that YOU bring to the coaching relationship?

It’s that combination that makes you unique – not a groovy tagline or fancy logo. Your brand isn’t something you construct – it comes from within.

Don’t worry about your brand, worry about being you in the world (and your brand will follow). Let your unique perspective, opinions and style shine out – in as brash or as quiet a way you like (because that’s all about who you are too).

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