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How do we go about finding calm even in a pandemic?

My guest is mindset and positive psychology coach Gabrielle Treanor and she has some advice for how we go about doing just that.

While we’re not saying that finding calm in a pandemic is the state we should be expecting of ourselves all the time, it is possible to find pockets of respite from the overwhelm, uncertainty and anxiety this situation brings. Join me and Gabrielle as she shares some practical suggestions for how we can go about finding this.  We talk about how getting out of overwhelm is key to feeling grounded, how limiting the exposure to news can be a HUGE help right now, what Gabrielle’s long term strategy for dealing with overwhelm and keeping calm is,  and why Designated Survivor on Netflix is one of the things giving Gabrielle joy right now. 

About Gabrielle

Gabrielle Treanor is a mindset and positive psychology coach, a writer, teacher and podcaster living in a beautiful patch of south Wales.

She helps women who feel overwhelmed by their overdoing and overthinking to feel calmer, more in control and happier. Gabrielle works one to one with coaching clients, runs The Calm Mind Club membership, hosts the Pressing Pause podcast and writes for a range of magazines. You can connect with Gabrielle at gabrielletreanor.com and on Instagram where she is @gabrielletreanor.


Connect With Gabrielle:

The Calm Mind Club (closing Thursday 18 Apr) thecalmmindclub.com/ 
Pressing Pause podcast gabrielletreanor.com/podcast/
And the link to the three stages of pandemic response diagram blog post is https://gabrielletreanor.com/3-stages-of-pandemic-response/
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