How do you find your perfect business model? It’s not a one size fits all proposition (despite what many an internet marketer will tell you!) So how about you do it from your soul using your inner compass?
Have you ever bought a ‘blueprint’ from someone how to build your business or grow a particular aspect of it?
Did it work?
Do you ever wonder what model to choose for your business, or know just which is the right way to go with it?
There are sooooo many options and models for a business and no blueprint will tell you the exact one that’s going to be a fit for you.
So how do you decide? How do you know what’s going to be a fit and for how long? What if it changes?
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Today, we talk about how to find a business model that works for YOU, as well as a style of working. It’s so tempting to follow someone else’s blueprint, but that rarely works for anyone. It’s much harder to create your own blueprint, but that’s actually what’s needed for most people. In this episode, we guide you through some ideas on how to do this.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The dangers of blueprints and following someone else’s model
  • Why modeling others actually can be helpful in the beginning
  • How to get in touch with your business model and working style
  • What are the different options or elements you can include in your business model
  • How to get clear on how you want to work
  • Understanding yourself and the way you work
  • Things to take into consideration when creating your business model
  • The questions you need to ask yourself when putting together your own business model
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