Unravelling Our Feminine Conditioning

A half day of nourishment, insight and practical tools to understand, discern, ultimately and overcome our feminine conditioning, so we can rise.
Leadership requires visibility. It Needs You to Take Up Space, Get Seen, and Be Heard

Being a ‘good’ woman requires the exact opposite…And therein lies the tension.

In order to succeed in leadership, we actually have to violate every single message that’s been poured into us about what it means to be a ‘good’ woman. This is our Feminine Conditioning.

It creates resistance – even for the most confident among us. It can make us dim our light, muffle our voice, hedge our bets and tone down our message.

Feminine conditioning creates subtle (and not so subtle) blocks that show up in self-silencing, self-doubting and playing smaller than we are.

In short Feminine Conditioning the cultural water we’ve been swimming in since we were born. It’s the subtle (and not so subtle) rules about what is (and is not) acceptable womanly behaviour.

You know the ones…Be small, thin, softly spoken, pretty and sexy – but not sexual and definitely not slutty, giving (to the point of putting themselves last), compliant, agreeable, non-confrontational, private, polite, nurturing, perfect (although this is obviously the biggest head Fuck because it’s impossible to achieve – but still we try) and certainly not the most brilliant one in the room.

Join me for a half day of exploration, nourishment (physical, emotional and intellectual – a delicious lunch will be provided) and practical ways we can uncouple ourselves from the these toxic ties and instead create our own measures of success. 

Because if ever there was a time when our culture needs women to take a stand for things, own their expertise, step up as leaders – it’s now.

What we’ll explore

  • What is Feminine Conditioning?
  • How Feminine Conditioning shows up in subtle (and not so subtle) ways
  • Your own particular experience of Feminine Conditioning
  • How we start to unravel these messages and discern our own rules of engagement as women
  • The potential upsides of Feminine Conditioning
  • How we untangle ourselves from these messages so we can overcome the tension and transform our lives and those of women around us.
  • Practical tools for working with Feminine Conditioning in the long term


Date & Time: Monday 23rd September 2019 , 10am – 2pm

Location: Toronto (address to be provided upon booking)

Cost: $200 USD

Lunch and all materials will be provided.

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