Feminine conditioning shows up in a myriad of ways, one of which is within the Imposter Complex. Today Tanya Geisler and I discuss how to address this. Tanya Geisler is one of my favorite people in the coaching industry (if not the world) today. She’s smart, oozes love and integrity and she is passionate about helping people overcome the Imposter Complex.

You might remember I interviewed Tanya last year where she shared her methodology for addressing those feelings of not good enough -ness, along with explaining that it’s not all bad (achievers with high standards and integrity experience imposter complex far more than those who really aren’t up to the job but don’t care).

Today Tanya returns to the podcast to continue our discussion – this time talking about how the imposter complex intersects with feminine conditioning. We dive into just a few of the ways the Imposter Complex shows up – from perfectionism to sloppy boundaries and procrastination. We also talk about how our feminine conditioning can feed into the likelihood of experiencing the Imposter Complex.

What we discuss in this episode on feminine conditioning and the imposter complex

  • How feminine conditioning intersects with the Imposter Complex
  • Why it affects women in the ways it does (hint – our culture and upbringing has a LOT to do with it)
  • The origins of the term Imposter Complex and the research behind it.
  • Why the Imposter Complex isn’t all bad
  • How to unpack perfectionism so you can take imperfect action & overcome procrastination
  • How the Imposter Complex shows up in numerous ways – from perfectionism to leaky boundaries, low self-esteem to procrastination.

People & Things We Discussed:

Tanya & Jo Discuss the Imposter Complex in more detail 

Tanya’s TEDx Talk 

Tanya’s Website – filled with articles and resources to help you with you Imposter Complex

Dr. Valerie Young’s – The Secret Thoughts Of Smart Women & The Imposter Syndrome

Dr. Pauline Clance & Dr. Suzanne Imes: The Imposter Phenomenon in High Achieving Women: Dynamics and Therapeutic Intervention (pdf)


feminine conditioning and the imposter complex with tanya Geisler

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