Jo & Holly – how to beat your fear of being visible in your coaching business Today, we talk about business visibility: and why so many of us (especially women) have a fear of being visible online. It can be an issue that plagues many new and emerging coaches – how do you know when it’s time to step up and be more visible with your business? And how do you do it without wanting to hide or feel like you’re being an in your face obnoxious a-hole? This is something that we’ve both struggled with in the past: taking up space with our businesses and being more visible. We hope this episode will be super useful and inspiring for you! In this bonus monthly episode, Holly Worton from The Business Mindset Podcast and I discuss just why visibility is such an issue – especially for women online, and what tools and techniques have worked for us and our clients to get over that fear. 
How To Beat Your Fear of Being Visible

What we discuss in this episode on conquering your fear of being visible

  • Why visibility is about taking up space and what that looks like
  • Why you really don’t need to worry about getting all up in people’s faces online
  • What our visibility journeys have been like in business, and what things have held us back
  • Some of the things we did to turn things around in terms of business visibility
  • What it feels like to actually show up in a bigger way (it’s not what you think)
  • The lowdown on affirmations for belief changes
  • Is this just a woman’s issue, or does it show up for men, too?
  • What kinds of things have been the biggest triggers for our visibility stuff and how we’ve overcome them
  • The biggest things we’ve done that have created the most important shifts in our businesses
How To Beat Your Fear of Being Visible in your Coaching Business

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