The Fastest Way To Get Coaching Clients When You're Just Starting Out

I get it – you’re a new coach and you wanna know the fastest way to get coaching clients when you’re just starting out.

Clients are the lifeblood of a coaching business – in fact, you can’t really call yourself a professional coach unless you have people who pay you. But if you’re just starting out how to you find those elusive first clients?

Lots of online coaches will tell you to build an audience, have a snazzy website, have a list of testimonials from past clients proudly displayed, and get some professional photos taken. But in all honesty – you usually need money to invest in your business before you can do those things (and lets not even get into whether you need them all – THAT’s a whole other episode!)

I’ve said it before, coaching isn’t an easy industry to make your mark in – it can feel very crowded right now and many new and emerging coaches don’t know how to stand out and get people to hire them. This can feel especially tough if you’re new to the industry.

Thankfully, there is a tried and tested way of getting those first few clients and they may well be resting right under you nose!

The Fastest Way To Get Coaching Clients When You’re Just Starting Out

In this episode of The Work Happy Coaching Podcast, I give you a practical strategy you can implement immediately and it’s probably the fastest way to get coaching clients when you’re first starting out. Those first paying clients are a real watershed for most new coaches – having people pay you for your services means you’re legit and it boosts your confidence, legitimacy and income.

So listen in as I outline the strategy. And if you hop over to my Facebook Group – The Coaches Collective, you’ll find a script you can totally and legitimately steal use as inspiration and tweak to your own style.

I also mention a previous blog post where I ask lots of established coaches how they got their first paid clients – it makes interesting and inspiring reading. Check it out here.

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