Elizabeth Gilbert's advice for coaches

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Advice For Coaches. Wait, what? When did Elizabeth Gilbert talk about coaching? Well, I don’t know that she did exactly but Elizabeth Gilbert’s book Big Magic has a LOT of advice and guidance us coaches can learn from.

One of the topics she talks about is shadow artists – those people who want to be their creative selves SO MUCH but hold back their magnificence through fear. So instead they surround themselves with other artists and creatives – maybe they become managers or gallery owners, or they read lots about the art world, or become a music buff – they stand so near to that creative life they want it’s like standing just inside the bakery doors so you can smell the bread but not going in and buying a loaf.

I see that happening online with coaches.

You hang out in (lots of) Facebook groups for coaches and entrepreneurs

You take classes and courses from others who’ve become successful

You read the books, the blogs, attend the webinars, sign up for the telesummit

It can feel like you’re stood outside that bakery, smelling the wafts of sugar and cookie dough but without the money to go in and buy.

You’re sat on the edge of a cliff.

On the edge you can do a lot of stuff.

It keeps you busy. It feels like preparation. Some of it is.

But at some point, you have to decided if you’re going to jump

Jumping is scary as sh*t

Jumping risks falling.

Jumping means doing the webinar – even though you might mess it up

Jumping means hosting a workshop – even though no one might show up

Jumping means telling people (lots of people) what you do and how you can help them – even though they might reject you

Jumping means asking for the sale – even though they might say no

Jumping means investing money in a coach – even though you have no guarantees it will work

In my work I see lots of coaches sat on the cliff edge. It’s my job to support you, get you ready, check your harness, make sure your equipment is safe and up to safety standards. I’ll show you where the best landing spots are, how to do a mid air course correct, and how to land safely.

I’ll even hold your hand.

But ultimately, my work can only do so much

YOU have to jump

Because staying on the cliff edge does nothing but give you a nice view – and it’s nothing compared to the vista you can see when you make that leap.

You don’t need another webinar.

Or e-book, teleclass, video course or workshop.

You know all you need to know about Facebook groups, instagram updates, twitter parties and podcasting.

You know so many things that you could be doing right now to bring in clients.

But…. You’ll try them when you’ve finished reading this e-book you’ve signed up for.

Ok, that’s a lie. We both know you won’t finish that e-book. Or maybe you will (eventually) but you won’t implement what it tells you to do – because maybe it won’t work for you.

You could be doing so many things. So many that it feels like a swarm of bees buzzing around your head.

Webinars, Facebook updates, Instagram, video, newsletters, free opt in offers, marketing funnels, e-courses, buzz buzz buzz buzz. You search online for answers to your dilemma, for the sure thing strategy that feels doable and low risk but somehow you’ve not found it yet.

The noise of all the things you COULD be doing keeps you awake at night.

You don’t need one more email telling you about internet riches or five figure months.

You’re not information starved. You’re clarity starved.

You’re in need of focus, direction and accountability. You need the feedback you only get from taking action. You need support and courage because taking action means you might mess up. You might get it wrong. You might fall flat on your face.

So you keep spinning in place, not sure of which way to go and what step to take next.

Stop spinning.

Stop signing up for the things.

Get the support you know will keep you accountable and help you set your direction.

Don’t sign up for another webinar until you have.

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