Eli Trier
Eli Trier is a community building mentor and connector of kindred spirits. She helps quiet revolutionaries to get connected and build communities so that they can make a massive impact with their business, find their ‘right people’, and make their corner of the world a better place. And as an introvert herself, Eli Trier’s techniques are designed so that you can get super-connected without succumbing to ‘people-fatigue’ or getting depleted, even if the word ‘networking’ makes you want to cry. And I love her! Our conversation was lush – Eli really brings an honesty and practicality to her work and shares her business journey as well as a ton of actionable ideas and  strategies for developing your own community projects.  And what I love is how our philosophies align – she’s all about creating meaningful interactions in this digital world and how we can use our passions and our businesses to alleviate the chronic loneliness and disconnection that’s rife in our world, to create something magical – all while earning your living.  We talk about mental health, networking as an introvert, being the hub and the connector as a way to build relationships – and how we can build meaningful, honest, human businesses along the way.  What’s especially good about this episode is that Eli is really transparent about the process she uses so you can apply some of these principle to your own business right away. But if you are wanting to do something community focused and you fall in love with Eli’s approach as much as I did, it would be well worth your while checking out her website for how you can work with her to develop your own unique community project.    Links mentioned in this episode:    Eli Trier – Website Eli Trier  Instagram


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