Dr. Jessica MichaelsonThere’s often confusion about the difference between coaching and other helping interventions like psychotherapy, mentoring and counseling.  My guest today is well placed to explain the differences – she’s Dr. Jessica Michaelson and she’s successfully navigated the move from psychotherapist to coach.

In this week’s Work Happy Coaching Podcast we discuss why Jessica chose to move from being a psychotherapist working with murderers and violent offenders to becoming a parenthood coach instead. (And why she believes in certain aspects, there are more similarities than you might think!)

  • What she sees as the difference between therapy and coaching.
  • Why the move from therapy to coaching was a practical choice as well as an emotional one.
  • Why offering information and advice isn’t always a bad thing – even as a non directive coach.
  • And why she’s a passionate advocate for shame free, honest parenting and uses a combination of her training, research and personal experience of those intense early years to provide coaching and support for her clients.

Quotes from Dr Jessica Michaelson:

“My role is to help parents to see through the fog and the mess and really think more simply about what their children need, what they need and move them from a place of chaos, overwhelm to a place a clarity, calm and joy”

How she tested whether there was a demand for her new coaching service:

“As a psychotherapist…I was surrounded by friends who were asking me these questions about their kids and so while I was on maternity leave with my second son I decided I would just put it out there that I would answer your baby questions. And I said that I would do it for free for a month  – just to see if there was a demand, see if I liked it. – and it was a crazy month! I had 75 free clients in one month…so there was definitely a demand!”

You can connect with Dr. Jessica Michaelson at www.honestparenthood.com and take her Confidential Parenting Self-Assessment

(Oh – and if you listen past the end credits, you’ll get to hear a little out-take that reflects the reality of being a working parent of young kids!)

Listen in here: