When It Comes To Building Your Coaching Business – Don’t do it from fear or a sense of ‘should’ driven obligation – Do It For The Love. That’s the message of this guest post from Kind Over Matter’s resident Life Coach Lara Heacock

Years before I trained to become a coach, I came to the realization that the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s fear.

I even considered naming my business love over fear.

So, you’ve like totally mastered fear, right?

HA!  That’s cute…

I don’t believe that anyone ever totally masters fear.  I certainly haven’t. I do believe we learn to identify it and work with it so it’s no longer a barrier, but it never completely goes away.

Fear shows up in my business in a number of ways, mostly when it comes to marketing.  It can be heard saying things like, “stop bothering people” or “that’s too much” (AKA you’re too much).

Ironically, I can quote marketing data that says people need to see your message 7 times before they engage, and I can rationally recognize that not everyone is on Facebook at the same time so I have to post multiple times…but none of that logic matters when it comes to fear.

What does matter is love.  Love is why I do this work.

I love my clients.  Not in a creepy, inappropriate or co-dependent way, but in a way that allows me to fully see them.  To see their perceived flaws as gifts and their scars as symbols of survival…and to help them see themselves through that lens.

One of the reason’s I love the community that Jo’s built, is that we’re all on the same page.  If you’re here and reading this, you didn’t get into coaching for the money, you got into it for the love.

You probably nodded your head when you read about the things fear says to me when it comes to marketing. To those of you (and to me, some days) whose fear is still a barrier, I want you to remember the love. Remember the good work you’re doing.  Remember what your clients say and the progress they make. Let that be your touch point.  Create a folder of all the wonderful things your clients have said about you and read it when the fear creeps in.

Most importantly, keep doing it for the love.  Whether you’ve been coaching for 6 months or 6 years, take time to remember why you started. When you lead with love, you’ll never go wrong.

Lara Heacock is a Life Coach specializing in confidence and balance. She helps her clients live a life that feels good on the inside, not just one that looks good on the outside…because life gets better when you’re kind to yourself.

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