Do Coaches Really Need To Niche?

Do coaches really need to niche? Really, really really?

Many years ago when I first did my coach training I was told I had to choose a niche – the options were:

Parenting coach, Get the promotion coach, coach for lawyers, coach for creatives, the over 40s coach – and so on. It felt restrictive and clunky and …urgh I resisted the hell out of it.

The thing is, 15 years on, coaches are still being given similar advice – even though it’s outdated and not very helpful. But it comes from a good place – you don’t have to have a niche but things are SO MUCH EASIER if you do.

Today I’m explain what I mean by having a clear niche, how it will benefit you and won’t feel nearly as restrictive as you fear. In fact, it will free you to work with your best ever clients – the one’s who make you want to do a tap dance when you get off the call with them, who you look forward to talking to and who are far, far easier to ‘sell to’ because they’re already sold on you.

In This Podcast Do Coaches Really Need To Niche? I Cover:

  • What is a niche?
  • What it’s not
  • How to go about finding yours the right way
  • How having a coaching niche will make the biggest difference to your coaching business – bigger than anything else -yep, even bigger than what color your logo is or how many Facebook Likes you have ;-)

If you’re struggling with the whole niching dilemma I can help you out. It’s one of the things almost every coach struggles with in the early stages of their coaching business. So check out Niche Relief and move from WTF to blissed out clarity around who your people are, how to find them and what to say to them in less time than it takes to learn how to do a winged eyeliner flick and not look like Kung Fu Panda.

Listen to the podcast here:


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