developing coaching presence

Developing Coaching Presence: It’s time for something new on the Work Happy Coaching Podcast – a monthly feature where I deviate from the usual interview style of the show and instead discuss a particular aspect or question about coaching.

I’m joined by friend of the show and fellow coach Toni McClellan and for our first episode we dive deep into the subject of Developing Coaching Presence – how to stay focused and in the moment with your client, how to manage your own ‘stuff’ when it comes up and how to be congruent and consistent when managing those coaching relationships.

Toni and I come from different continents, backgrounds and training approaches and we’ve both got a LOT to say on most things, but especially when it comes to coaching. We get along and have a great rapport even though we don’t necessarily agree on everything – and we both adore deep, rich conversations that cover a lot of ground. The other key reason for me inviting her to be my monthly partner is crime is that Toni is sharp as a tack and funny as f*ck – two of my favorite all time personality traits!


Show Notes:

ICF Core Competencies (including Coaching Competence)

Toni McLellan’s website


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As we mention in the show – we really, REALLY want to hear your questions and suggestions for what we should feature on the podcast in future episodes – just use the comment box below or  contact me.