craft a message that will have your perfect clients clamouring

Today I’m going to share how to craft a message that will have your perfect clients clamouring to hire you.

Why? Well, do you ever have conversations with people and get tongue tied when trying to explain what you do?

OR just confused looks?

Are you struggling to get people booking your intake sessions (and so having trouble getting that steady stream of paying clients that every coaching business needs).

A lot of the time this is a side effect of confused messaging and coach speak.

What’s Coach Speak?

It’s the lovely, generic ‘personal development’ speak that us coaches use.

  • Live your best life!
  • Speak your truth!
  • Make peace with your money mindset

These are things that sound lovely. But mean very little.

They certainly don’t mean enough to have people PAY you to help them – because they don’t know HOW you help them and WHAT YOU HELP THEM WITH.

Here’s the Truth:

If you try and speak to everyone – you’re actually speaking to no one.

If you’re not putting out a specific enough message, you’re not really speaking to anyone. And I bet no one is buying either. People don’t buy if they don’t know what they’ll get if they do – so you need to be able to explain just what wonderful transformations you can help them with in a language they can relate to .

So today I’m going to share a technique you can use to get inside your perfect client’s heads, find what language they actually use to describe their challenges and how you can use this information to reflect back to them how you can help them – using their own words. In fact, if you do this right, you’ll have clients emailing you saying things like:

“It was almost spooky – it was like you were inside my head! How did you know exactly how I felt”?

Once you can do that, THEN you can start to attract those paying clients too you with far less struggle and angst.

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