Corrie Cason
With all of the horror of the current situation,  there is also a lovely upside in the way the pandemic and the accompanying lockdown has brought out the best in so many folks.  From community WhatsApp groups to neighbours doing shopping for one another, folks volunteering to provide emergency accommodation for frontline workers  – the list is long and fortifying. For many, it’s prompted a letting go of bitterness, rivalry and division – which is something my guest today knows all about.  Corrie Cason is a thought leader on a mission to change the world through love. She does this through her signature framework: FLICK (Forgiveness, Love, Inclusion, Connection and Kindness.) I’ve been lucky enough to have a ringside seat while Corrie developed the FLICK process  – and what I love about it is that it gives people a practical way to have a joyful perspective, open heart and to lead from love and kindness – even in the face of difficult people or circumstances. This way they can have a positive impact on the world while also thriving in their lives. Corrie is genuinely one of the warmest people I’ve ever met and her wisdom isn’t fluffy and theoretical but hard-won and practical.  Which is exactly what we need right now.    In our conversation she explains how she devised the FLICK methodology, how she combines being (her words!) ‘A nerd by day and a lover by night!’  and what’s giving her joy right now. She shares her philosophy for life and what we can learn from the current pandemic situation to take into the future. 

Links to Corrie Cason and her work 

Corrie’s Website: https://corriecason.com/ Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/corriecason/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/corriecasonbiz 

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