What’s YOUR coaching superpower?

If you’ve been in business for more than 5 minutes you’ll know how important it is to  to know who you people are know where to find them. But even more important is how to explain how you help people.

And I honestly haven’t come across anyone better helping people to do this than Maggy Sterner – and that’s why she’s this week’s podcast guest.

Knowing your niche and having a clear way of explaining it to people is a fundamental piece to building your business – and yet it’s SO HARD to do!

So this episode is a must listen if you want to grow your coaching business – you can’t skip this step.


Find Your Coaching Superpower

What we cover in this episode

  • Why your niche is your superpower – and how finding it is essential to growing your business
  • How to know what words to use to explain what you do
  • Maggy’s simple process to listening to your heart in order to find your coaching superpower
  • How to really OWN what makes you special and unique (and what’s stopping you from doing it right now)
  • Why your niche needs to excavated – not chosen or plucked out of the air (and how to go about doing it).
With her brand & business coaching programs, Maggy is passionately dedicated to helping  entrepreneurs and small business owners get no-kidding clarity about their brand, their niche, their ideal clients, and how to describe it all so their businesses can thrive.

Maggy Sterner’s entire career in wildly different day jobs – photojournalist; TV & radio reporter for CBS News; geek-to-human translator at NPR.org and the Campaign for Tobacco-free Kids – boiled down to one superpower:  The ability to look at a big picture, see what’s at the essence of it, and boil it down into bottom-line words that a five-year old could understand.

Her core belief: If you can’t describe what you do, no one is your customer.
With a combination of humor, common sense, and a firm hand, Maggy provides the roadmap, guidance, and accountability that gets your brand and business moving in the right direction.

Learn more about her at maggysterner.com.

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