Ssshhhhh – here’s the big secret no one in the online coaching world shares – Building your coaching business takes time, and can feel like an uphill struggle in the beginning.

Whaaaat? You mean it’s NOT all glamorous photo shoots and six figures in six minutes????

Erm, NO.

Building a coaching business has a lot of moving parts. You need to know WHO you do your best work with (So you know where to find them), WHAT they want (so you can craft messages that are going to appeal to just those people), and those people to KNOW who you are so you stop being the best-kept secret in the coaching industry (and if people don’t know you’re there, how can they hire you?)

The reality is that a sustainable coaching business is built one coaching conversation at a time.

I know what it’s like to feel like everyone else is having success except you (especially if you spend any time online) and this can leave you feeling overwhelmed and inadequate. But it doesn’t have to be so lonely or hard. I want to share my proven strategy for giving your coaching biz a boost in the most joy-filled way possible:


The (very) good news is that you can get your biz off to a flying start by following my go-to strategy for coaches in need of a business boost – and the good news is it won’t cost you a dime!

My strategy? An intensive period of free coaching sessions.

But Wait! Are we not supposed to be ‘charging our worth???’

Yes – but in order to be in a position to do that you need to have the confidence, reputation, and track record to charge a decent amount. Now, you can struggle on for years – hoping clients will come your way, asking your friends and family to let you coach them, hang out at excruciating networking events trying to ‘sell’ yourself OR… you can follow the steps I followed to launch my coaching business over the course of a month that got me my first paying clients, a bunch of testimonials and a community of fans who helped spread my message on my behalf.

I’ve taught this strategy to hundreds of new coaches – and now it’s your turn.

BUT what if I’m NOT a new coach but my coaching business has gone a bit…flat?

No problem. The process works to reinvigorate your existing coaching biz too – giving you new insights into your ideal clients, clues for new programs and exposes you (ahem!) to a whole new client base.

Think of it like a Power Up for your biz.

This changed everything for me! Seriously, i would never be in the position I’m in now with my business if it wasn’t for Jo’s strategy.

Heidi Taylor

Business Alignment Coach For Creatives, Heidi Taylor


This 3 part training will show you an honest and ethical way to give your coaching practice, your confidence, and your visibility, a boost.

This is a must do program! I wish I had taken it 6 months sooner because she breaks everything down so well and so clearly. Jo gives you loads of tips and tricks that will help you attract the right people to do sessions with, where to promote it and explains how they are helpful for growing your business and understanding what is unique about what you offer to your clients. It is simple, easy and a great step to take if you are new to coaching.

Kimberley Weiss

Holistic Health Coach, Fuel The Happy

I loved this challenge. Thank you so much Jo Casey. I learned that having a detailed schedule of what I need to do to find more clients helps me focus and motivate. I also learned that I can go outside my comfort zone and still survive. I was also very helpful to thik abotu my target audience and what message I wanted to send.

Carly Hamilton Jones

Life Coach

coaching mojo results

When you implement what you learn in this training you will:

  • Get a bunch of glowing testimonials (from people who’ve genuinely worked with and benefited from your coaching).
  • Generate buzz and have people raving about you to their friends
  • Position yourself as a ‘go to’ person in your area
  • Understand what your clients really really want (so you can end the guesswork and build your products and services it).
  • Boost your self-confidence and generate momentum in your coaching
  • Sign up some honest to goodness paying clients.

Jo’s training is a breath of fresh air – it’s so value packed it could be a paid program in itself and you get results easily, as she guides you step by step on where to start, how to attract and connect with people in a meaningful and authentic way and getting fab testimonials to boot!

Marta Krasnodebska

Business Strategist & Coach, Movabo

Imagine having a bunch of contact, testimonials and insights into your ideal clients?

After this training you’ll be able to:

  • Know my killer strategy for getting people to see your free coaching calls as valuable resources they’ll clear their calendar to attend
  • Streamline your booking system so you won’t be wasting hours playing email tag with potential clients and make it insanely easy for clients to sign up with you
  • Start the coaching process before you’ve even got them on the call (and weed out any tire kickers who aren’t ready for your awesomeness yet)
  • Get amazing testimonials that will show potential clients just what amazing work you do
  • Have authentic, non-icky sales conversations to convert those free session clients to fully signed up paying ones!
  • Use all of the experience you get through this process so that you can craft messages that will attract new paying clients to you like bees to a honeypot.
  • Get my personalized support and guidance to get you out there in a BIG way.

The Deal? A 3 part training course  (and I mean proper, in depth training – non of your ‘here’s your worksheet and a pitch filled video’ nonsense.) 3 videos, 3 worksheets, ongoing support. This is designed to get you into ACTION

What Results Can I Expect? More confidence, knowing who your people are, clarity around what they want, testimonials that work to bring in new clients, buzz, people talking about you (in the good way!), clients excited to work with you, a bunch of new leads and potentially (if you follow my guidance) a handful of brand spanking new paying clients.
It’s free – so what’s the catch? No catch – I’m doing this for 2 reasons: 1. I want you to succeed in building your coaching business – and to avoid the same mistakes I did when I was starting out. 2. I want you to get to know me some more and see that it’s perfectly possible to grow a thriving coaching business while still being a nice person.
coaching mojo results
coaching mojo results

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Fair question! I’m Jo Casey and I’m a coach mentor who helps new and emerging coaches get more paying clients than they can shake a stick at! In other words, I help people like you get fully booked and build a sustainable coaching business. I’ve been a coach since 2001 (I know!) and built a successful coaching business initially through trial an error (I like to say I made every mistake in the book so you don’t have to!) then getting way smarter and studying the unique strategy mix that makes a successful coaching business (cos you aint selling cupcakes so why listen to people telling you to market like you are?)

Guess what? It worked – I make a great living from doing what I love (coaching) and I help people like you do exactly the same.

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