The Biggest Mindset Shift Your Need To Make If You Want Coaching Business Success

There’s lots of advice out there regarding what to do to ensure coaching business success. Today’s podcast is about one of the biggest mindsets myths that is around today. I was going to say about building your business. (actually I think it applies to life in general) and that is the myth that fear goes away as you grow and because it hasn’t, that fear is a sign that you shouldn’t do something. You know, that ‘if you’re meant to do something then it will feel right.’ thing? I’m just going to call B.S. on that because that is not true.

That’s absolutely not true.

This comes up a lot for me as a business owner and it all comes up a lot for my clients and I get where it comes from. I get the fact that we have these images of people who are going out and doing all of this amazing stuff and looking so happy while they’re doing it and that’s only part of the story. You know we all have this edited reality of what social media does.

And you know people’s lives are NOT what we see on the outside . We don’t see the motivational speaker wanting to throw up before they walk on stage, we don’t see the many, many sleepless nights tossing and turning, all the tears, the doubts, the ‘WTF? Am I doing???’ from the entrepreneur. When she’s launching her new product, or posting her instagram story we assume that’s the whole thing – but it’s not.

Because the fear isn’t talked about nearly as much as the good stuff (look at my amazing launch, I made $x, I was interviewed by…etc.) So we assume it’s not there. And because we don’t see them afraid but we know WE’RE afraid, we have this tendency to make the assumption that because we feel fear that that is therefore some sign that we’re not ready.

And that’s simply not true. Everyone is afraid at times. EVERYONE.

Your fear does not mean you’re not ready. Your fear just means you’re doing something new and untried and with no guarantees. 

And that’s OK. That’s how it’s meant to be for you to grow.

I started off my business almost five years ago.

And as many of you know for the first few years it was just a disaster confusing mess with a LOT of going backwards and forwards – not knowing what to do and trying a whole lot of stuff out of desperation.  But I didn’t make huge progress at all in those first few years and a lot of that was because I was clueless. I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t believe that I had the money to be able to invest in a coach and in fact of the things that my ego told me was that a coach could really help me. I didn’t believe that somebody else could help me to do this. I believed I could figure out my out which was in hindsight a really big mistake. Yes I spent two years trying to figure out not go very far.

And so that helped me develop an awful lot of empathy with people who are also still trying to figure that out and bootstrap and DIY their business in the dark.  But in hindsight I wish I’d have had the courage to have hired a coach because that would have saved me AT LEAST 18 months of angst and time and I’ll never get that time back I can see that with hindsight now at the time I was so convinced that I could never afford it and I didn’t have the money. And that a coach wouldn’t have been able to help me because I could figure it out on my own.

I was looking everywhere for the THING that would give me the coaching business success I craved 

But that was my fear that that came up then and my fear kept me in procrastination. My fear kept me in DIY. My fear kept me in trying to bootstrap and take tiny as safe as possible baby steps forward.

In many ways my only saving grace I think was the fact that I’m just really bloody minded! and I just kept going and didn’t give up on it because I knew that I wanted my own business.  To coach people, to help them to have the courage to live happier lives and to show them another way. And I wanted to have the freedom to work for myself and be independent.

And so I kept going but my fear kept me playing small for those two years – really small. So I did what felt like the ‘safest’ option most of the time instead of hiring a coach which was too scary to even think about for a while. I was scared to invest – scared to take the financial step that was a real financial stretch – and meant I was playing for real at last. 

But eventually I did. And investing in myself made an enormous difference to me personally and to my business and bottom line.

But that fear didn’t go away. It doesn’t go away. It shifts and changes but it’s there. and the biggest mindset shift you need to make if you want coaching business success? Come to terms with the fear.

In this episode I’m going to share some more of what I’ve come to understand about fear in your business and what you can do to make sure your fear doesn’t keep you playing safe, small and away from the steps that will really make your business dreams come true. The coaching business success you crave isn’t rocket science. In fact, as I often tell my clients it’s deceptively simple. But the real key is not just having kick ass strategy but the courage to stretch and stay the course. Listen in as I lay out exactly HOW you can do this too.

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