Many of us will go through a coaching business slump at some time or other. But there are particular times of year when it’s way more common….like summer.

Ah the summer. Time for barbecues, wedge heels and loooooong cool drinks.

And if you’re a coach to go:

“Where the fudge did all the clients go???????’

Overcoming a coaching business slump

Yes, summer is the time when many coaches find the clients start to disappear (don’t worry – September is a boom time for new clients – it’s that ‘back to school’ feeling we all get that makes many decide it’s the perfect time to do some work on themselves)

And this means that many coaches go into panic mode or start to wonder if this is a sign that their business isn’t going to work at all and they should give up on the whole thing.

So I want to say that before you chuck the whole thing in, there are LOTS of things you can do to overcome the a coaching business slump. In fact, I’m going to share 7 practical things you can do today that will shape up your business, create new clients and boost your income – all while wearing your flip flops and looking very cool in a pair of shades.

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How To Beat A Coaching Business Slump:7 Things You Can Do Right Now

And because I love ya so much, I’ve produced a special cheat sheet with a done for you script that can bring you immediate results in the client department.

And you can get it for free. No cost. Nada.

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