Coaching Around Fear

Coaching around fear is a common part of being a coach but talking about our own fears? Not so much.

I work with coaches. I am a coach. We experience fear – lots of it. Perhaps it’s because we’re in a position of ‘expert, I’m meant to not experience this stuff, so I can’t tell people.’ or perhaps it’s as my friend and fellow coach Toni McClellan says, we’re all just trying to put our best selves out there in the world.

Whatever the reason, coaches not only work with clients to help them overcome their fears, but we have out own to contend with too and yet rarely talk about it openly.

Today we’re going to break that taboo.

Fear is part and parcel of being a living, breathing human so it’s going to come up and we’re going to have to engage with it.

In this week’s podcast I share some of my favorite strategies to dealing with fear.

These are strategies you can use for yourself AND with your clients.

As I mention in this episode – I want your feedback – how do you deal with fear? What are your favorite strategies?

Listen in here: