The world needs  your work (yes, yours) So don’t let your business momentum stall

You’re doing OK in your business.

Your foundation is solid (or at least solid-ish). You have your message and your WHY in place. You know who your clients are. You know what you want to do in the world but…

Things aren’t as fired up as you’d like.

You know you can do it but you have a feeling it shouldn’t be as much of a struggle as it currently is. You have good days sure, but there’s also many places of uncertainty.

You want to grow. But you’re not sure how. Will what got you here, get you to where you want to go next? (Answer = yes. and no)  

We all get off course from time to time.

Especially when we’re not in community or in a coaching program.

We have great intentions but it’s easy to lose momentum, to get pulled off track or to spin our wheels WAAAAAY longer than we’d intended to. 

Even when you know what you ‘should’ be doing (in fact, sometimes that makes it worse!)

Introducing Blazing Your Trail (BYT)

A six-month mastermind to deepen your confidence, boost your accountability, and strengthen your momentum so you can blaze your trail as the leader you are (even if you don’t actually realize you’re a leader just yet.)

BYT is a small, high-touch, walk-with-you mentoring group created for working coaches, healers and holistic practitioners who want to amplify their work in the world while increasing their income and resilience.  

The 6-month intensive program opens with a virtual retreat and includes twice monthly group calls, monthly private coaching with Jo Casey, as well as membership in a private Facebook group. You will receive individual assignments, resources, advice, and recommendations Jo and select guest experts.

Our industry is always evolving – and so must we. But we also need to stay rooted in our values and our personal gifts. That means there is no one size fits all plan that works for everyone. But there are some things that do consistently help:

Fully OWNING your message and your value

Radiating that message and essence out to the world in a way that is filled with integrity and rooted in your ethics (aka marketing like a human being.)

Growing your community and crafting offerings that meet their genuine needs. Serving and supporting – and getting paid consistently to do so.

It also means stopping some things. Saying…

No More holding yourself back.

No more rinky-dink.

No more flying under the radar.

No more ‘just getting by’.

BYT is designed to help you to sink into your own power and magnificence and root down into your gifts, talents, and expertise.

You’ll grow your audience. Grow your confidence. Grow your standing in your community.   

All from a place of integrity and love.   

Stepping into your leadership. Owning your message. Staying in it for the long haul. Taking courageous, consistent action.

With support, sisterhood, and tools.

The program consists of 2 key parts:   

Inner work:

6 x one on one coaching sessions (including 1 personalized hypnotherapy session) with Jo   

Monthly group coaching/mentoring around visibility, resilience, owning your brilliance, deepening your confidence, and staying in action.   

Monthly Q&A and ‘spotlight’ session – where you get to co-host and receive feedback on your brilliance from your mastermind partners. 

Facebook group for ongoing check-ins, accountability and celebrations. 

Outward strategy:

3 x in-depth workshops: 

  • Growing your audience with ethical summits. A luscious, community-based way to grow your audience on a larger scale. 
  • Running your first workshop or retreat. Whether virtual or in person, knowing how to structure and run a workshop is a key skill for taking your business to that next stage. 
  • Developing your signature talk Again, whether you want your focus to be on or offline, having a signature talk mapped out means you are good to go for conferences, meetups, and podcasts. 

1 x strategy session with coach and business strategist Liz Applegate to help you identify where YOU can outsource, streamline and take the weight off yourself in your business. You can focus on how to utilize VA support and systems to enhance your business and free up your precious time – allowing you to be in your zone of genius more. 

BYT Can Help You To: 

Yeah, baby

get the Unshiny Business Plan thingymajig

Stay consistently IN ACTION and see concrete progress week by week

Move forward with your BIG goals

Launch the thing (the course, the program, the book)

Confidently raise your prices and own your value

Show up more consistently (no more burning bright then burning out)

Grow your community and your client base

Outwit procrastination and create more of what you love

OWN your skills, your gifts and your unique brand of potent magic.

More than anything, this program will help you to stay in the flow of action consistently with more ease and resiliency.


Confident in your leadership

Grounded in your abilities

Solid in your foundation

Resilient at your core

We Start 21st July 2018

Price: $400 per month, for six months.


Get just the scaffolding you need – expert guidance in a sacred space to hold and support you and your (massive? exponential? etc…) growth.

Get a sisterhood to affirm, nurture and encourage you – while holding you to your highest potential.

Rooted. Connected. Grounded.

Then fly and blaze your trail for all the world to see.

Got Questions? 

What time/days are the group calls?
Our group coaching calls will other Tuesday at 3.30pm UK Time (10.30am Eastern, 7.30Am Pacific).  All calls are recorded so don’t let not being able to make them all hold you back. You can schedule your one on one calls with myself and Liz Applegate at a time to suit you.


I've not enjoyed group coaching before - how is this different?

The program is tailored to you. One of the issues with many group coaching programs is they have to stay fairly generic so as to cover everyone’s needs. In this case, we do the opposite.  You get coaching that is customized to you and your business. AND via the group coaching, you get to see how others are approaching their businesses and their particular challenges so that you benefit from their experience, wisdom, and perspective too.

Each of the in-depth workshops are stand alone – so you will never feel like you’re ‘behind’ the rest of the group. If one of them doesn’t jive with you right now (or ever) that’s fine, you’ll have the information and the strategy to use if and when you do. 

What can I use the coaching for?
Strategy, accountability, mindset, sounding board, hands-on copy and marketing help, Tigger-like encouragement, sacred space holding. A safe and supportive container to fortify, nourish and embolden you stepping into your brilliance.

Why the focus on list building?

To grow your business you need to grow your community (while always thinking quality over quantity)

The fact is, the more people know about you, the larger the pool of people you can help. 

A larger community makes selling, scaling and earning easier. 

My belief is that we can build our communities based on authenticity and human connection rather than simply focusing on the numbers. So we focus on developing your community of high-quality connections in a way that feels good. 

What if I don't want to do public speaking?
That’s fine! You get to build your business YOUR way. 

In this program, we’ll focus on developing a signature talk because that is not only a great way to gain new fans, but to hone and solidify your message. Once you have the outline of your talk in place, you can do with it what you will – turn it into a short book, record a video of it, create an audio version or rock out on the stage. The signature talk helps to focus your message in a way that few other things do – so is valuable even if you plan to never stand on a stage for the rest of your life!

We Start 21st July 2018

Price: $400 per month, for six months.

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