Do you know what your business message is? Do your clients? Having a clear and easy to understand message is vital to your business. Without it, potential clients won’t know what you’re about or how you can help them.

But a clear message is easier said than done. It’s rarely a simple case of pulling one off the top of your head – especially if you’re a health or health coach or a healer because the work that we do is nuanced and often hard to explain succinctly. Messaging is one of the business aspects I love helping my clients with most, but it’s also the trickiest (which is why having someone else to help you with it is so important).

And then there are questions like – how much personal stuff do you include? Do you share your politics? How much detail should you go into about your process or background?

In this podcast episode with Holly Worton we dive into why messaging is so important and share some tips on how to go about refining yours.

In this episode about how to find your business message, we cover:

  • What is a business message
  • Why do you need a business message?
  • How you get a business message
  • All the pieces that make up a business message
  • Whether or not to include your views on politics and other hot topics in your message
  • How to make your message clear so that people actually understand it
  • Why you may need to get help in clarifying your message
  • Whether or not your message has to be totally unique to you, and
  • What to do in the meantime while you’re still getting clear on your business message.

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