Tracie Nichols
If you’ve ever felt frustrated with the predominant marketing wisdom that you can only be successful if you squidge all of you magic into a teeny, tiny little box, then let this episode provide a welcome alternative.    Tracie Nichols is genuinely one of my favourite people on the planet – and her business is so lovely, lush and HER that I almost want to weep. She’s a true multi-passionate who refused to fit into the limiting range of options provided by traditional business advice.  And if ever there was an example of how to create a business that is 100% unique, authentic and refuses to be boxed in, it’s Tracie’s. She’s a rebel crone, mentor, poet and alchemical aromatherapist. She is all about creating spaces where 50-ish+ sensitive, introverted womxn can unfurl their voices, be who they choose to be and do what they choose to do. Because, ohmygoddess if there ever was a time when our perspective is needed, it’s now. So pour yourself something delicious and curl up and listen to Tracie’s warmth and wisdom.  Learn more about Tracie and all of her offerings via her website or follow her on Facebook or Instagram  And if you’d like to learn more about my Supernova Collective Program, of which Tracie is an Alumni, you can find that here.  

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