Building a coaching business is scary stuff and fear is a common emotion throughout. In this guest post from Counselor and Coach Megan Roth wants you to know that you’re far from alone, and that there’s lot you can do to feel the fear and do it anyway when it comes to building you coaching business.

how to build a coaching business even in the face of fear

You know that cool thrill you get when you have an idea and it just feels really right? It’s that feeling like “Oh, yeah– this is what I want to do!” and you’re all excited and ready to go! Maybe you got it when you first came up with the idea for your business or hit on that perfect concept for a blog post or had that lightning-bolt of an idea for a product. It’s that excitement about finding something that feels, well, right. And it feels oh-so-good :o) I love that feeling. Don’t you love that feeling?

The problem with that feeling is that it tends to dissipate pretty quickly once I actually start doing the thing that brought on the feeling. I’m not one of those people who gets an idea and just runs with it.

I’m a thinker. I have to mull it over. I have to do research about the best way to approach it. Basically, I over-analyze the crap out of everything. It kinda kills the buzz. You know what I mean?

Like when I decided I wanted to start my blog. I was super pumped. It felt right. I felt right. But then I started researching how to start a blog. Do you know how many ebooks, free courses, and articles are out there claiming they have the key to how to start the perfect blog? There are a zillion you-must do-this’s and you-must-not-do-that’s and some agree and some don’t. Perfect blog length? 800 words. Or 2000 words. Depends on who you’re talking to. Should you always include a picture? One says absolute necessity, another says not that important. What is the best day to release your posts? Apparently either Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Seriously. I found different sources that identified all of the days of the week as the “best day” to post your blog.

So you know what I did? I didn’t do anything. In all honesty, I didn’t do anything for months. And during all those months I kept thinking about how I really wanted to start my blog. But I didn’t do it. I was afraid I wouldn’t get it right. That I wouldn’t get the right word count or an interesting enough headline or I’d pick to post on Wednesday when I really should have posted on Monday. I had all this input from all of these “experts” and I felt paralyzed by all of the information. What if I didn’t do it right?

And that right there was the real problem– I was scared. I was afraid I’d try and it wouldn’t work out.

I was afraid of putting myself out there. I mean, who am I to think I have anything unique to share?

It’s all being said and it’s all probably being said better than I ever could say it. All the confidence and excitement of that cool thrill I originally felt had melted into a big ole puddle of insecurity.

Unfortunately, this is where a lot of great ideas die. They get killed by fear. Mary Manin Morrissey said,

“You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith.”

Think of your faith as that thrill I mentioned earlier. It is that knowing inside of you that you’ve hit on something that matters to you. It is the thing that won’t go away and keeps tugging at your heart and mind. And fear is the thing that will keep you stuck. Fear is the thing that will keep you small. Fear is the thing that will kill your great idea.

As entrepreneurs, this fear is something we have to learn to cope with on a regular basis. As Jo Casey always says, “New level, new devil.” Each stage in the creation of something brings with it a new challenge, a new thing to be learned, a new choice to be made. And each stage will bring with it a reminder of our insecurity, our vulnerability, our humanness.

This is where we either learn to trust ourselves and move forward or let the fear take over and stay stuck. There is no perfect way. But there is a perfect way for YOU. So while it can be useful to gather information to help you make the choices that need to be made, in the end YOU have to make the decision or nothing will happen– your dream will be blocked. You can’t be afraid of not getting it right or you won’t do it at all.

I did start my blog. And I started a coaching business. And, I’ll be honest, I get scared a lot. But I know that what I want to accomplish matters more to me than my fear. When I get scared, I start trying to find the perfect answer. But when I find myself grasping outward for answers, I know it is time to turn inward, quiet my fear, and grow my faith.

You have everything you need inside of you. Your wisdom, your strength, your courage are what make you unique. It might seem like everyone else has the answer, but they don’t have YOUR answer.

You are the only one that has that. And don’t ever let your fear tell you otherwise…

Megan Roth is a counselor and coach. Her big passion is to convince women that trading away their lives for doubt and insecurity is soooo not worth it. Life is too short for anything that steals your peace and your moxie. It’s time to let that shit go and live your life. You can find out more about Megan and catch her blog atThroughHerPractice.com