The Imposter Complex In Lockdown – with Tanya Geisler

The Imposter Complex In Lockdown – with Tanya Geisler

Tanya Geisler
Tanya Geisler is the woman I credit with helping me get over my own lack of self-belief, my perfectionism and my procrastination and create the business and platform I have now.

Tanya Geisler is a Leadership Coach (CPCC) with a penchant for clarity and an abhorrence of the Imposter Complex. She’s worked with thousands of high-performers combat the Impostor Complex so they can lead with impeccable impact and achieve their ultimate goals. She has written The 12 Lies of the Impostor Complex (and One Truth)The Joy Pages, created Board of Your Life and the transformational Your Impeccable Impact coaching program, is a writer, has served as a contributor and was featured in Canadian Living, and is an in-demand TEDx speaker who talks with great passion about the Imposter Complex, Unshakeable Confidence, personal leadership, on all things joy, meaning and purpose. Her clients include best-selling authors, public speakers, and rockstar world-changers.

It is her indomitable belief that if everyone knew their own unique recipe for their personal brand of joy, they’d hold the key to shining in their life, in their work and in their life’s work. (It really does change everything.)

In this conversation we get real, discuss the concepts of ‘yes…and’ and ‘simply…not easy’ – which honestly, have been seriously life-changing for me.

Tanya also shares her deep wisdom about what the Imposter Complex actually is, how and why it shows up (and who for – hint: It affects more women than men) and the lies it tells.

She shares her insights into how we spot the Imposter Complex at work (it can be a sneaky little sucker) and how she sees it particularly impacting folks right now in this time of heightened fear, change and uncertainty.

Article we referred to in the interview: https://medium.com/@dviyer/mapping-our-social-change-roles-in-times-of-crisis-8bbe71a8ab01 and Tanya’s podcast interview with Deepa Iyer http://tanyageisler.com/ready-enough-shownotes/social-change-roles-imposter-complex-deepa-iyer

Connect with Tanya Geisler at:

 Tanya GeislerFacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

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Emotion, Power & Creativity – with Karen CL Anderson

Emotion, Power & Creativity – with Karen CL Anderson

Karen CL Anderson
Karen C.L. Anderson helps women use the troubled relationships they have with their mothers and/or daughters as a catalyst for growth, empowerment, wisdom, and creativity. In our conversation she shares her current exploration on the connection between Power, Emotion and Creativity – including this gem:

‘Creativity is the ability to summon emotions to be able to do what we want to do.’

We dive into how she has been able to work with her own difficult relationship with her mother to grow and explore what it means to be a woman and, ‘the pain of being a woman in a culture that does not value women equally.’ Karen’s work is deep and wise and never flinches from the unvarnished, sometimes difficult and always insightful truth of being a woman. I’ve learned so much from her over the years and I’m thrilled to be able to share this conversation with you.

She is the author of Difficult Mothers, Adult Daughters, A Guide For Separation, Liberation & Inspiration (March 2018), The Difficult Mother-Daughter Relationship Journal: A Guide For Revealing and Healing Toxic Generational Patterns (January, 2020), Dear Adult Daughter, With The Emphasis on “Adult”, (May 2020), and Overcoming Creative Anxiety: Journal Prompts & Practices for Disarming Your Inner Critic & Allowing Creativity To Flow (June 2020).

Karen runs the Make It Real membership community (for women who want to “make real” the concepts in her books) and is at work on a memoir, A Letter To The Daughter I Chose Not To Have.

She lives in Southeastern Connecticut. 

“I offer a process that shows women how to summon feelings in their bodies on purpose so they can wield them intentionally in service to what they say they want. This is the essence of creativity.“

Links to Karen CL Anderson and her work

  Website Facebook Twitter Instagram
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Cultivating Love & Connection – With Corrie Cason

Cultivating Love & Connection – With Corrie Cason

Corrie Cason
With all of the horror of the current situation,  there is also a lovely upside in the way the pandemic and the accompanying lockdown has brought out the best in so many folks.  From community WhatsApp groups to neighbours doing shopping for one another, folks volunteering to provide emergency accommodation for frontline workers  – the list is long and fortifying. For many, it’s prompted a letting go of bitterness, rivalry and division – which is something my guest today knows all about.  Corrie Cason is a thought leader on a mission to change the world through love. She does this through her signature framework: FLICK (Forgiveness, Love, Inclusion, Connection and Kindness.) I’ve been lucky enough to have a ringside seat while Corrie developed the FLICK process  – and what I love about it is that it gives people a practical way to have a joyful perspective, open heart and to lead from love and kindness – even in the face of difficult people or circumstances. This way they can have a positive impact on the world while also thriving in their lives. Corrie is genuinely one of the warmest people I’ve ever met and her wisdom isn’t fluffy and theoretical but hard-won and practical.  Which is exactly what we need right now.    In our conversation she explains how she devised the FLICK methodology, how she combines being (her words!) ‘A nerd by day and a lover by night!’  and what’s giving her joy right now. She shares her philosophy for life and what we can learn from the current pandemic situation to take into the future. 

Links to Corrie Cason and her work 

Corrie’s Website: https://corriecason.com/ Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/corriecason/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/corriecasonbiz 

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