This week’s podcast guest is Hannah Braime.

Hannah is a deep thinker, coach, writer and world traveler who helps creatives step into a place that feels authentic and true to who they really are.

Her blog, Becoming Who You Are started off as a personal blog around her own journey towards authenticity

She works with entrepreneurs and creatives to help them develop the emotional and psychological tools that help them grow themselves and grow their business.

Hannah has a background in counseling and therapy so her work goes deeper than most business coaches – rather than just focusing on strategy, she helps clients address  what holds them back in their life and business. Often we have so much information available to us and yet still don’t take action – what stops us  from implementing the strategies, taking action on our passions and ideas, feeling good about ourselves and confidently stepping out there towards our goals?

Hannah and I unpack this whole issue – and a whole lot more, including:

  • What Becoming who you are really means
  • How we can all overcome our blocks and sabotaging behaviors
  • Inner Critic
  • Growth mindset vs Fixed mindset
  • Shadow selves and loving all parts of ourselves.

It’s a deep, juicy conversation and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Show Notes:

Hannah’s Website – Becoming Who You Are

Connect with Hannah on FacebookTwitter, Pinterest, and Google+

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