Arial Clark

Airial Clark was raised by women who believe in women. As a single, Queer parent she’s raised men who believe in women. She believes in you too. Her therapist is still amused that Airial teaches women how to not give a f*ck because “Airial you give so many f*cks about so many people!” While this is true, Airial knows she can give the f*cks she gives because there are so many f*cks she’s refusing.

In today’s episode of The Meaningful Business Podcast, Airial Clark and I dig into what it actually means to be a woman and why we all give so many f*cks about things that aren’t in our best interests AND are therefore not that important (hint: Patriarchy!)

Let’s face it – Being a woman (yes, that includes all women identifying folks) comes with a lot of pressure –Feminine Conditioning tells us that we ‘should’ put other people’s needs above our own, look a certain way, act, think and feel a certain way.

While the expectations of what women give a fuck about are universal, what each woman actually wants to give a fuck about is personal.”

As women we are repeatedly blamed for our own oppression, told we ‘asked for it’, are too loud, too nagging, too fat, thin, old, young, emotional something.

All women are constantly threatened by gender bias, sexual harassment, sexism, violence, and economic inequality. When we express dissatisfaction with the status quo, we’re told that we have a personal issue—as if we’re responsible for harm being inflicted upon us. If we just cared a little more, if we were just a little more confident, if we were just a little more accommodating, none of these bad things would happen, right? Hell No.

Airial Clark started giving talks and running workshops in the San Fransico area she wasn’t sure if there would be a demand for what she was offering. But as the first workshop quickly sold out, she found that she could barely keep up with demand – such was the appetite from women wanting to learn how they can care a lot less about the unimportant stuff that keeps us oppressed, so that they can free up precious time and headspace for the things that DO matter.

Now Airial is raising money for an ambitious tour with workshops, a podcast, a website and more, all dedicated to helping more women discover how to give less f*cks about what’s not helping them, so they have more time, energy and focus for the things that really do need to have a f*ck given about them.


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Airial Clark

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