Why We Need A New Kind Of Marketing

We need a new kind of marketing. Why? because the old sort is feeling tired, overused and manipulative. We need a more human approach to building our community, reaching out to our customers and interacting with our potential clients.

Something is happening in the online world – can you feel it? There’s a shift away from some of the marketing methods that have dominated this online space are being rejected. If you’ve felt uncomfortable or just bleugh about some of the online marketing techniques I’ve good news for you.

Here are just a few of the things that make me roll my eyes SO HARD I get a headache:

  • Having my inbox filled with seemingly EVERYONE promoting the same training program,
  • Loooong sales pages filled with smiley bland people walking along beaches.
  • 3 part video series’ where the ‘coach’ shares their rags to riches story followed by a promise of how if I buy their magical system I too can be an ‘authority in my field/attract high-end clients with ease/eliminate negative emotions forever’
  • Facebook posts along the lines of ‘I’ve just made a bazillion dollars working only 5 minutes a day, want to know how I did it? Comment ‘hell yeah’ in the comments’
  • Responding to a friend request only to have them message you TWO MINUTES later trying to sell you something
  • People showing up on Facebook having posted the exact same ‘buy my thing’ post in 7 different groups you’re in (and you know this because they all show up in your newsfeed.
  • Webinars that are 20 minutes of background about the host, 10 minutes of light content, and 30 minutes of a sales pitch. (I’ve zero problem with being sold to on a webinar FYI – I just hate the ones that basically have zero content and are just a thinly disguised sale pitch).

I could go on!

And if these things leave you wanting to reach for the sick back you’re not alone. More and more people are waking up to the fact that these tactics are becoming passe, annoying and ineffective. We don’t want to be taken down an obvious sales funnel. We don’t want our emotional buttons pushing so that someone can make a sale. We want a new kind of marketing (that’s maybe approaching it old school but with new technology).

We want human connections. Services and products that really serve our needs. Businesses that listen to us. A more human way of making money.

Holly Worton and I dive into this topic on today’s podcast. What was formed out of a frustrated Facebook post from Holly has grown into a rallying cry for a better, more soulful, more connected way to market our businesses.

What You’ll Learn in this episode about Why we need a new kind of marketing

  • Why there’s a shift going on in certain parts of the online business community
  • What’s not working for some people in online marketing
  • Why marketing can feel manipulative and sleazy
  • Why positioning yourself as an expert can be open to exploitation
  • Why certain marketing tactics just don’t feel good to some people
  • How we get to the next phase or style of online marketing and what does that look like


Things We Discussed

Jo’s Facebook group 

Holly’s Facebook group 

Fabeku Fatunmise

Kelly Diels and the Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand

Derek Halpern’s Social Triggers

Robert B. Cialdini’s book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion 

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