Business Development IS Self Development

Building a sustainable coaching or healing business has 2 key elements:

  • Business strategy, planning, and growth


  • Mindset, beliefs and personal growth.

My coaching programs marry the head and heart, strategy and intuition, logical business planning with intuitive and deep personal growth work.

My one on one work is tailored to you. We look at where YOU are and what YOU want to achieve with your business. I’ll meet you where you’re at. We don’t follow a strict formula or blueprint – but we do build on what works.

Generally, there are 4 key strategic areas we focus on:

  • Your message (what you stand for and how you stand out), 
  • Your Packages and business model (how you make your money),
  • Your community and customers (where to find them and keep them engaged),
  • Ethical sales (so you can ask for the investment and stand firm in your expertise without shrinking). 

We do it within the context of supporting your confidence, self-development & mindset so you can stand tall in your business. 

Support for every stage of your business

You need different levels of support for the different stages of your business, learning preference, and income.

My signature one on one mentoring package is called Partner In Crime designed to give you a solid, supportive, and love soaked foundation to your coaching business - whether you're just starting out or readying for the next phase.

I also offer a group coaching/mastermind experience called The Supernova Collective that's perfect if you're looking for a group experience that blends strategy, sisterhood, and support to give you a rock-solid foundation for your coaching business. 

If you're just starting out, or want a supercharged clarity fix for your business without a long-term commitment, check out The M Word - a lightning session to clarify your core message and identify your people. 

“Jo is the real deal. If you need some direction, clarity on your next steps, taking your business to a deeper level or understanding yourself as it relates to your business, contact her.

She will unveil the hidden gems you’re searching for. A bonus, she’s amazingly fun to work with”

Terasa Neuhaus

Life Coach & Yoga Teacher, Terasa Neuhaus

“Jo has an incredible knack for breaking things down into manageable form. She met me exactly where I was & rocked my world! Her suggestions were right on target & she helped me develop a reusable process for making amazing courses. She’s reignited the spark inside of me during a frustrating time of starting a coaching biz”

April Julson

Life Coach, April Julson

“Working with Jo is like getting a supercharged clarity fix and she does it with a lot of laughter and fun, as well as with an acute razor sharp depth at the same time.
This is a great combo, as it makes you feel relaxed; but you also get super focused too. Super grateful to you Jo  – you are a wonder-biz being :-)

Dr. Melissa Wright

Life Coach, Leaders Of The Heart

Before working with Jo I was feeling very overwhelmed with all the many tasks I to do in setting up my coaching business and I wasn’t feeling very confident about where I was at or my plans for the future. I was struggling with prioritizing what to do, had self-doubt about being able to have a coaching business and was unsure of how to find clients.

Afterwards I felt re-energized, hopeful and excited.  I now have a clearer direction of what to focus on. I feel confident and excited about a niche/program idea I have; I no longer feel like I need to be doing it all…I will instead focus on working on this program idea I have and finding ways to network.
I’d recommend you to any of my coach friends! You were so easy to talk to and so supportive. I loved that you provided suggestions when I needed them and that you were able to wear two hats — coach and consultant. You were exactly what I needed as a novice coach and complete newbie to business.

Alisha Morgan

Life Coach, Reverie Realized

Life Coach Brigid Dineen shares her experience of working with me