Holly Worton is back on the podcast today to talk about a tool that can help clear mental blocks, help get past your limiting beliefs and also has a real tangible, physical impact as well – PSYCH-K®

We know how much we can hold ourselves back and knowing how to get past your limiting beliefs is something that comes up for a lot of us (and it’s certainly a common issue for our clients.)

As coaches we’re always interested in great new tools to use with our clients. But running our own business, attracting clients, and trying to all of this on our own also brings up all of our stuff as well.

So I’m always on the look out for tools to share with you as fellow coaches – tools that are good for our clients but useful for us too.

Holly Worton is a friend of the show and took a business pivot not too long ago, away from social media coaching and into something that, I’ll admit – I hadn’t heard of it before I spoke to Holly, (which amazed me because it’s got a solid pedigree with Bruce Lipton and several big hitters in the NLP world being advocates for it) – PSYCH-K®.

how to get past your limiting beliefs with Psych K

How Holly Discovered PSYCH-K®

Holly discovered the tool when she was searching for a way to shift some of her personal stuff, and after becoming frustrated with traditional coaching and therapy that weren’t having the desired effect. After exploring a variety of modalities and therapy that weren’t quite shifting the personal stuff Holly was dealing with, she was introduced to PSYCH-K®. After completing the basic workshop, she experienced major transformations in her own life. Holly is now fully trained in this modality and uses this powerful technique with her own coaching clients.

In this episode we talk about:

  • What PSYCH-K® is and how it works
  • The relationship between PSYCH-K® and kinesiology
  • The scientific evidence that backs up the “woo-woo” elements of this technique
  • The benefits and life changes that Holly experienced as a result of using PSYCH-K®
  • The body’s ability to heal itself and how to draw on this power by changing your beliefs with PSYCH-K®
  • How Holly transitioned from working with female entrepreneurs on their social media to focusing exclusively on using PSYCH-K® for business mindset to help her clients transform their fears
  • What to expect from a typical PSYCH-K® session with Holly

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