I’m having 100 Chats about building an unshiny business – and I want YOU to get involved.



I work with women and femme business owners who want a business that reflects who they are, does great work and feels authentic and sustainable (not to mention brings them in a lovely amount of money regularly.

But creating businesses like this can be easier said than done.

By their very definition, our businesses require us to be visible, take up space, be seen and be heard.

And very often our ideas about what it means to be a ‘good’ woman, – be perfect, do things the ‘right way’, be small, pretty, never make a mistake, smile more, be compliant, don’t complain, never show your anger, don’t rock the boat etc. etc rubs up against what we’re doing by building our business.

As more and more of us are creating businesses that reject the shiny rules and bro marketing status quo, I want to talk to 100 women & femme entrepreneurs about what building an unshiny business means to them.

I want to find out things like:

  • What are the points of tension?
  • What areas do you struggle with around visibility, sharing your opinions, taking up space and letting your brilliance shine?
  • Where does authenticity and perfectionism fit it?
  • Do you find it easy to remove the mask, or do you find yourself spinning too much between the perfectionism/procrastination places?

Maybe it’s in sales and asking for payment for your skills. Maybe it’s around showing up consistently on social media. Perhaps it’s around sharing your truth, passion, and expertise.

I want us to understand how we hold ourselves back so that we can collectively rise. The better we understand the challenges we face as women entrepreneurs, the better placed we are to overcome them. We can create products, programs, services, business models marketing plans that overcome rather than feed into the problem.

But I don’t JUST want to hear about your challenges, I want to celebrate the magic, glorious connections and wins too.

As part of our chat, I’ll give you some on the spot coaching around a challenge you’re facing in growing your business. Plus we get to hang out for 30 minutes and get to know one another a little bit.

No sales pitch. No agendas. Just collaboration, conversation and a cuppa*.


  *cuppa BRITISH informal noun: a cup of tea. “A good strong cuppa” contraction: cup of. “let’s have another cuppa tea”

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