#100Chats about feminine conditioning – and I want YOU to get involved.

Feminine conditioning is what I call the messages we’re given around what it means to be a ‘good’ woman e.g:

Be small, thin, softly spoken, pretty and sexy – but not sexual and definitely not slutty, giving (to the point of putting themselves last), compliant, agreeable, non-confrontational, private, polite, nurturing, perfect (although this is obviously the biggest head Fuck because it’s impossible to achieve – but still we try) and certainly not the most brilliant one in the room.

Even when we’ve consciously rejected this conditioning, it can still create a tension within us when we attempt to violate those messages.

The space where I work is with women business owners – businesses that by their very definition require us to be visible, take up space, be seen and be heard. I work with women who are ready to resolve this tension…and rise.

As part of my ongoing work, I want to talk to 100 women entrepreneurs about how feminine conditioning shows up for them.

What are the points of tension? 

What areas do you struggle with around visibility, sharing your opinions, taking up space and letting your brilliance shine?

Maybe it’s in sales and asking for payment for your skills. Maybe it’s around showing up consistently on social media. Perhaps it’s around sharing your truth, passion, and expertise.

I want us to understand how we hold ourselves back so that we can collectively rise.

The better we understand the challenges we face as women entrepreneurs, the better placed we are to overcome them.

We can create products, programs, services, business models marketing plans that overcome rather than feed into the problem.

As part of our chat,  I’ll give you some on the spot coaching around a challenge you’re facing in growing your business.

Plus we get to hang out for 30 minutes and get to know one another a little bit. No sales pitch. No agendas. Just collaboration, conversation and a cuppa*.  

BRITISH informal
noun: a cup of tea. “A good strong cuppa”
contraction: cup of. “let’s have another cuppa tea”

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