work happy coaching podcast

The Work Happy Coaching Podcast is the place for Life Coaches, Health Coaches, Healers and Holistic practitioners to learn how to build their businesses in a way that's non-icky & filled to the brim with integrity, heart and good humor.

Because coaching is all about conversation, the podcast takes this as its basis and runs with it. Every week we have a conversation about an aspect of coaching, marketing or the wider culture in which we're doing our work. We discuss everything from politics to marketing, mindset to culture making.

The show's a mixture of guest interviews and solo shows with a teaching focus.

Oh, and there's a fair amount of nerdery around all things coaching - you have been warned!

We discuss (among other things): 

  • Non-manipulative marketing strategies

  • How to create a business with meaning

  • Feminism and entrepreneurship

  • Building a body of work  

  • Finding your voice as an entrepreneur

  • How to attract more clients

  • Gathering your community

  • Slow marketing

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How To Stay Focused & Get The Right Things Done In Your Business

Jo & Holly - How To Stay Focused & Get The Right Things Done In Your  Business In this bonus monthly episode, Holly Worton and I dig into one of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs everywhere - how to stay focused and get the right things done in your...

Should You Guarantee Results For Your Clients?

Jo & Holly - should you guarantee results for your clients? It's a question that came up over lunch on the very first time Holly and I actually met in person (yes folks, after speaking on the phone for almost 3 years now, Holly and I actually met up in London...

After the US Election – Some thoughts On Coaching In Hard Times

Coaching In Hard Times. Coaching when everything is positive and exciting, filled with love and optimism is great. But it's not the whole truth of who we are as coaches. Who we are - if our work is to be of any real meaning, is only as good as our willingness to do...

How To Think Bigger-Surrounding Yourself With The Right People

Jo & Holly - Thinking Bigger & Surrounding Yourself with the Right People It takes a village to build a successful coaching business - by which I mean, you really can't do it alone. So this week Holly Worton and I are talking business growth - and how to...

Find Your Coaching Superpower

What's YOUR coaching superpower? If you've been in business for more than 5 minutes you'll know how important it is to  to know who you people are know where to find them. But even more important is how to explain how you help people. And I honestly haven't come...

How to Create a Brilliant Email Opt-in For Your Coaching Business

Want to create a brilliant email opt-in for your coaching business? Read on In my Facebook group (whaddayamean you're not yet a member? Come on over and join ) I got asked a question: "I do want to take my business to another level, especially my website by offering a...

How To Beat Your Fear of Being Visible

Jo & Holly - how to beat your fear of being visible in your coaching business Today, we talk about business visibility: and why so many of us (especially women) have a fear of being visible online. It can be an issue that plagues many new and emerging coaches -...

How To Beat A Coaching Business Slump:7 Things You Can Do Right Now

Many of us will go through a coaching business slump at some time or other. But there are particular times of year when it's way more summer. Ah the summer. Time for barbecues, wedge heels and loooooong cool drinks. And if you're a coach to go: "Where...

How to Avoid being the Victim of Coaching Scammers

Why We Need To Talk About Coaching Scammers A little while ago a coach in my circle was scammed by another coach (one she'd hired to help build her business). This certainly isn't the first time it's happened in the coaching industry but what struck me in this case...

How To Get Your Book Out Of Your Head & Onto Amazon

A lot of us have a book inside of us - but the thought of actually writing one can seem utterly overwhelming. All of that writing - months slogging away in some lonely room. Then finding a publisher, marketing, sales - most of us give up at the first idea of writing...