You + Me = Partners In Crime.

Results = a sustainable business & the confidence to shine

Here's what I know beyond a shadow of a doubt: 

You deserve -

  • A business that gives you a solid income and steady stream of clients that are ready and able to commit to working with you.
  • That gives you chance to do you work, share your genius, and contribute to the important conversations of our world (courage, justice, self-actualisation)
  • That fits into your life (not that steals all of your waking hours, energy, and optimism).
  • should be a helluva lot of fun to boot (because otherwise what's the point???)

You need - 

  • A clear message so that clients know exactly how you're going to help them and why they should hire you
  • plan to bring in clients and income that's repeatable and plays to your strengths
  • A container that allows you to work through the inevitable emotional impacts that being visible and building a business entails
  • Packages that clients can't wait to click 'buy' for (and that get you out of the constant hustle for clients cycle)


But truth be told, more often getting your coaching biz up and running can feel like a stiletto walk up a cobbled hill. In winter. With no coat. Or gloves.

(By which I mean - it's really f*cking hard work!)

It honest to goodness doesn't have to be that way

and you don't need another ebook, Instagram Filter, or Internet Guru to help you do it.

Here's what I know:

Growing a SUSTAINABLE coaching business can be hard. There are a LOT of false promises out there about instant 6 figure coaching businesses and easy step by step systems.

Truth be told - there are easier ways to make a living.

BUT...there are few more rewarding ways. And with some strategy, focus and, support you can make this whole building a coaching business truly happen for you - in a way that's ethical, nourishing and soul feeding.

Any Of This Sound Familiar?

You're struggling to get a steady stream (or even a trickle) of paying clients you enjoy working with.
You've signed up for courses and downloaded e-books, wrestled websites and started blogging but can't seem to get any traction. And if you receive one more email telling you how easy it is to enroll high paying clients you may well scream.
You've enrolled in courses and downloaded e-books, wrestled websites and started blogging but can't seem to get any traction. And if you receive one more email telling you how easy it is to enroll high paying clients you may well scream.

You're totally overwhelmed/confused/pissed off with the amount of crap out there about building a six figure business just a few months. 

You want to build a business that feels aligned, filled with integrity and reflects YOU. You don't want to spend your time engaging in marketing tactics that leave you feeling like you need a Silkwood shower afterwards! 

Your clients need you.


More clients + opportunities to do your work in the world. 

Crafting a business around your strengths, expertise and passions instead of trying to fit into someone else's blueprint

Being able to comfortably talk about your services and enrolling a ton more clients (all whilst feeling good about yourself and NOT like a used car salesman.)

The security of knowing you've mastered the key skills needed to establish a coaching  business - and having a repeatable plan to grow that business exponentially.

Having a business that feels personal - that reflects who YOU are, what YOU stand for and based on the difference YOU can make in the world.
The reassurance that you have a sustainable business and reliable income - no more worrying about how you'll pay the bills or where the next client's coming from.

I'll Help You Get Out Of Overwhelm + Into ACTION

Partner In Crime is my ongoing coaching program to get you to the coaching practice you crave (and deserve)

It's about:

  • A sustainable business (financially, energetically and emotionally) with the security of knowing you have a solid foundation and tools to generate income and attract clients.
  • Charging (and getting) rates you can live thrive on.
  • Getting comfortable being visible, stepping out and promoting yourself and your business.
  • Growing your business, spreading your message and getting to do 'your thing' in the world.

We will dive into messages, clarify who you want to work with, co-write copy for your website, marketing materials, and social media updates.

We'll design you a flexible plan you can stick to so that you can focus your actions on what will get you results so that you can tune out the distractions of the shiny objects on the internet and channel your energies where they are most effective. 

Listen to what Life Coach Brigid Dineen says about her experience of Partner In Crime

You'll Be Able To Create Serious Momentum For Your Business. No More Taking Courses + Downloading eBooks You Never Finish.


You'll implement the right things to build the right business for you.

Business Development IS Self Development


Building a sustainable coaching or healing business has 2 key elements:

  • Business strategy, planning, and growth
  • and
  • Mindset, beliefs and personal growth. 

My coaching programs marry the head and heart, strategy and intuition, logical business planning with intuitive and deep personal growth work.

My one on one work is tailored to you. We look at where YOU are and what YOU want to achieve with your business. I'll meet you where you're at. We don't follow a strict formula or blueprint - but we do build on what works. 

Generally, there are 4 key strategic areas we focus on:

  • Your message (what you stand for and how you stand out), 
  • Your Packages and business model (how you make your money),
  • Your community and customers (where to find them and keep them engaged),
  • Ethical sales (so you can ask for the investment and stand firm in your expertise without shrinking). 

We do it within the context of supporting your confidence, self-development & mindset so you can stand tall in your business. 

Listen to what Coach Janine Esbrand says about her experience of Partner In Crime

Jo, working with you changed EVERYTHING. You took me from sitting in my beautiful home office with no clients to having a real business.

Julie Abel

Life Coach, Julie Abel Coaching

"Jo is awesome! She is generous, knowledgable, and passionate with her coaching. Jo provided me with easy-to-implement next steps, and made the work FUN! She holds the space for you to process what ever you need to, and lovingly guides and challenges you along the way."
Sara Cameron

Life Coach, Splendid Being

Investment = £3250 or 6 monthly payments of £550


$4165 USD or 6 monthly payments of $705 USD)

€3825 EUR or 6 monthly payments of €647 EUR) 

*Currently fluctuates so this is to give you a guide - please check the current currency rate for your country as all fees are charged in British Pounds) 

If you're ready to take your coaching business onto a solid, sustainable footing, let's talk

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Since working with you I have a completely different perspective on money in my business; the shift from being scared of having 'sales' conversations, to being excited about talking to people about things I've developed that I'm passionate about and know will help them.  You are such an energetic and loving person, and I really felt that you cared about me and my business. I really felt like we worked through my issues together and that you were fighting in my corner with me. Meg Kissack

Self Care Warrior, The Hummingbird Life

Jo, you lit that spark inside me that fills me with so much joy and exuberance for what I offer to the world. I feel giddy like I could skip down the street! Teresa Neuhaus

Empowerment Coach, Teresa Neuhaus

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Click this button to book a complimentary 30 minute Clarity + Action session.

I'm Ready - Let's Do This